Alibaba ten years to make e commerce on the road

electronic commerce daily contact with every day, but recently in the media to see about Ma cool punk style, Alibaba ten anniversary celebration, suddenly found 10 years so quietly in the past, have lamented the time inadvertently passed, at the same time in electronic commerce 10 years ago and 10 after years of Chinese, China Internet, can only use four words to describe – change rapidly.

just 10 years ago the popularity of the Internet, Internet cafes or maybe very rare places, but today almost every family broadband communication; imagine 10 years ago, online shopping or TV was staged fashion fun, but today, online shopping has been like to go to the supermarket down; 10 years ago, Alibaba unknown, network, B2B, B2C, electronic business platform, shopping guide network is the new term, have not even heard of it, but today every day in the attention of electronic commerce, every day, often focus on the Internet shopping on the Internet; 10 years ago the webmaster meeting places few owners today have to Admin5 together every day talk, exchange, sharing, personally; 10 years ago that electronic commerce is very distant from us but today e-commerce has become my daily work, a new electronic commerce Wen, the news on the Internet, every day to complete the shopping guide platform price comparison network ( daily update and maintenance.

ten years of Alibaba is not only the past ten years, but also the entire e-commerce industry, and even the Internet industry for the past ten years, this is a milestone is a starting line. At the time of Ali ten years celebration party, of course, the deepest impression is of course absolutely stunning Ma popular punk costume, as the founder of Alibaba in the ten year anniversary celebrations and the instrument with the attitude of staff together, it is not difficult to see that the ability of management to Ma and strong affinity and cohesion, but also to show out of his amorous feelings "original Ma also love rock". But this is just an episode, the most important is the ten anniversary of Alibaba, chairman of the board of directors Ma announced: all of our past zero, the next ten years, we start from scratch!

from scratch is a summary of China’s e-commerce Ma, but also sounded the clarion call for a new round of reform of e-commerce. Ma Yun’s return to zero after the first speech who do not pay attention to small and medium enterprises, who is not concerned about their future." 2009APEC SME summit kicked off, with more than 100 operators from 21 member economies of the Asia Pacific region APEC thousands of entrepreneurs, businessmen at home and abroad elite gathered in Hangzhou from Sichuan. The convening of the APEC SME summit, when the Alibaba group founded ten anniversary, Alibaba founder and chairman of the board Ma at the opening ceremony said: "now we stand together, can let Our wills unite like a fortress. economy to change, small and medium-sized enterprises in modern economy stage from the margin of the central. We call on the world to focus on small and medium enterprises."

it is learned that

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