Rookie CTO Wang Wenbin this year the biggest highlight of the 11 logistics here

October 18th news recently, the rookie network joint major courier company held a double 11 mobilization meeting, rookie network CTO Wen Bin Wang introduced the important data of 2016 of the express delivery industry, he said China electric spawned world-class courier company, industry quickly can appear daily 20 million single express delivery company.

at the same time, Wang Wenbin said that this year will be a total of 11 pairs of rookie network of major courier companies in the field of logistics services to enhance the six aspects. Including the increase of temporary warehouse, Crowdsourcing logistics, and the single hair around the station together.

Wang Wenbin told billion state power network, compared with previous years, this year 11 most different is the use of data products, the courier industry began to automatic operation, more than 7 parcels will be automatically assigned route through the intelligent algorithm. In previous years, the logistics company is not busy 11 days on the 2nd, the number of the number of pieces is not the number of ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 13, this year, the same day the double courier company will usher in the peak period of 11.

2016 rookie important data and keywords

Wang Wenbin said that for the rookie network and courier industry, 2016 is very critical, he used the data to prove that the industry generated great changes.

1, the upcoming daily average of 20 million single / day courier company

Wang Wenbin said, from rookie to master data, the emergence of two million single daily 2015 express industry enterprises, now has several million daily single company, and soon you can see the 20 million single / day courier company.

2, a dozen logistics companies on the logistics cloud

Wang Wenbin said that in 2016 launched a rookie logistics cloud, now has more than a dozen companies on the cloud. The construction of IT based logistics cloud can drive the entire rookie courier companies, the logistics industry, the logistics company to believe the double 11 escort."

3, from a piece of paper to sign up for 6 hours

Wang Wenbin believes that the ability to upgrade is one of the key words rookie in 2016. From the point of view of the whole network, from a piece of paper to sign the overall upgrade of 6 hours. In this regard, but also the results of their own partners. Courier companies in the optimization, including the optimization of the information system and the role of data, you can upgrade these figures, taking into account such a large amount, which is very great."

4, covering the end of the 19 thousand rural areas, cross-border coverage of

in 224 countries

Wang Wenbin said that 2015 is the first year of rural electricity providers, rookie logistics network covering 19 thousand villages in rural areas, cross-border coverage of the 224 countries. At the end of the "rookie network initial success, the end of the network joint from mentioning cabinet and from mentioning the post, can better help enhance the quality of service at the end of the end."

at the same time, Wang Wenbin also predicted that this year will be the 11 double cross-border package will be high, rookie in the ball joint local companies do a good job of logistics and distribution services, >

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