Net sales of prescription drugs has not yet started booking business gate edge ball

each reporter Huang Zongyan

although the sale of prescription drugs have not yet lifted the ban, but many electricity providers have launched various forms of layout. In addition to the traditional line pharmacy pharmaceutical companies to build a business platform, self built platform, even the U.S. group, Baidu takeaway takeaway platform also have in hand the pharmaceutical business, to seize the initiative. In addition, logistics enterprises such as drug UPS, SF, Chinese post layout also seems to be the net sales of prescription drugs floodgates prepared in advance. Daily economic news reporter noted that the recent introduction of prescription medicine Tmall pharmaceutical booking service, although not provide direct transactions, but can communicate with the pharmacist after the phone to buy prescription.

Prescription booking service

Tmall Medical Museum launched in many varieties such as roxithromycin, azithromycin and so impressively. Click on the phone immediately after the book, enter the phone number, the pharmacy pharmacist will get in touch with consumers in 1 hours. However, the shop tips, this product is a prescription drug, you need to buy the line under the prescription". Reporters learned from one of the online customer service, consumers need to go to the hospital to open a prescription within three days, and then contact the online pharmacy, in order to carry out the approval of the shipment. If no prescription will not be purchased, the pharmacy will close the order.

and 12331 food complaint hotline has been responsible for the Beijing Business Daily said, according to the relevant provisions of the purchase of prescription drugs must be handed over to the pharmacist prescription pharmacist, pharmacist audit after the purchase of drugs. But Su Hong believes that the sale of prescription drugs market once opened, the market has great potential. And, now the concept of large capital touted health, and ultimately to be implemented on drugs. From circulation to distribution to patient management, as well as a number of ancillary services can be done around the drug."

since the end of May last year the State Food and Drug Administration issued "the Internet operating food and drug supervision and management approach (Draft)" since the "notice", improve service levels and efficiency of drug circulation and a number of supporting policies have been published. However, the relevant plaintext has not landed, pharmaceutical electricity supplier only helplessly watched this piece of cake trillion but no knife. Sinopharm senior researcher dry Rongfu said earlier, at the end of last year, the State Food and drug administration to online sales of drugs can be released, but has not announced, but also because the medicine is a special commodity, the safety problems are more difficult.

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