Hundreds of billions of cross border mergers and acquisitions Ma bet what kind of future

editor’s note / even if it is no longer make any amazing move, Ma and his Alibaba, the Internet has also been a veritable commercial legend.

But this will be the

know the fate of the thin man, but apparently not satisfied with this. For him, what is the destiny? Where is the limit? Still no definite answer. Perhaps, he is also the moment to ask.

already changing Internet age, most people will feel confused and disturbed what happened to Ma Yunhe tomorrow, and his Alibaba seem not listed, they look clear objectives, strong willed, optimistic and confident, naturally.

Ma will continue to create the myth that successful businessmen? Alibaba will be invincible the miracle


who knows?

ho throw more than 70 billion?

what exactly is the acquisition of UC Ma took $4 billion or $5 billion, until now the two sides did not disclose. But it is certain that this figure refresh the record of China’s Internet mergers and acquisitions.

but for Ali and Ma, this is only part of its huge merger plan. According to the statistics of private equity investments in private equity finance database, from 2014 to 1 in June, Ali’s acquisition of more than 12 companies, the total amount of nearly RMB M & A. If we count the 2013 purchase shares of Qingdao Haier (600690.SH), Celestica fund, High German map, Sina, micro-blog and other companies spend nearly 20 billion yuan, nearly two years, Ma and Alibaba for the acquisition of funds, a conservative estimate has more than 70 billion yuan.


in the world history of mergers and acquisitions, single over 5 billion U.S. dollars acquisition is not rare, the use of more than $10 billion within two years of the expansion of the company is not in the minority, even at the end of twentieth Century ten years, diversified acquisitions in Europe and America, the food company mergers and acquisitions chemical enterprises, automobile enterprise group’s acquisition of computer stories have also occurred, but like Ali m span wide, involving the industry as much as it is little precedent.

from Internet companies, fund companies, film and television production company to a football club, from drug sales business, financial technology companies, postal enterprises to financial media Alibaba, like an octopus, the tentacles deep into a variety of traditional industries. At the end of June 2014, China Unicom shares came Ma, capital market turmoil; then there are rumors that Ma will invest to cattle, Erie’s livestock company. Similar rumors can be heard without end, stories are really false, involved in the industry is vastly different. Is Ma Yun afraid of indigestion?

Alibaba listed, is the best time for the company." Fund manager of an international investment bank told "Chinese business newspaper" reporter, Ma acquisitions are all listed in the valuation provided imagination, "he needs a larger plate, looks more promising types of business." < >

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