Taobao staged crazy buy 200 Mercedes Benz 3 5 hours grab light

the morning of September 9th 10, Taobao Juhuasuan Benz group purchase schedule open group, pay close attention to many users, the sale number straight up, 3 minutes sold 39 cars, 6 minutes and 37 minutes has sold 55 vehicles, 99 vehicles, 1 hours sold 116 cars, 143 cars for 2 hours…… It is hard to believe that this is in the sale of 176 thousand Mercedes Benz smart.

3 hours and 28 minutes, the last Mercedes Benz was taken away by the buyer. This speed, even Taobao’s staff can only use scary to describe. This can be said to be the largest ever buy, to achieve what effect, who can not think of before!

according to statistics, the total sales of the group purchase of up to 27 million, to help users save 8 million 200 thousand per second, sales amount: 2100 yuan. Which sold 69 Units in Zhejiang, Beijing, 45, Guangdong, Shanghai, Shandong, 12,, 10.

Taobao Juhuasuan strong sales force is clearly beyond the Mercedes Benz’s unexpected. Originally planned to last 21 days of buying activities, even more than 3 hours on the sale of an empty. In the strong demand of consumers, at present, Mercedes Benz is an urgent consultation with Taobao to increase the number of car buying.

reporter interviewed the person in charge of Hangzhou East Star Mercedes Benz 4S shop: usually we sell the frequency is about 1 smart per day, Taobao sold the car for 1 hours, should be able to reach the national 4S store sales of 10 days, 116 days." According to this ratio to calculate, Taobao 1 hours to sell Mercedes Benz full year 1/30 smart!

, according to data released by Taobao in September 9th, the line on the line for three days, the number of visitors on the Mercedes Benz group has more than 1 million visitors. There are many netizens on micro-blog: "always track Benz crazy group purchase proof, bulk products may not be too." "; bought sixty-seventh cars! Group purchase really terrible, I actually had a car out of control, the hand is so want to go to the point of purchase button!"; "I money why a crazy in the stock market, I want 23% off smart"; "group purchase of wind that is getting fierce"……

it is reported that from September 9th 10 in the morning, 200 Mercedes Benz smart car group in the Taobao Juhuasuan group purchase platform (address:, the group purchase, the original 176 thousand SMART hardtop version of the -style can be 23% off 135 thousand of the price of 41 thousand yuan cheaper than.

it is understood that, in addition to buy activities, Mercedes Benz also provides a smart car for Taobao users for a dollar spike. At the same time to provide 150 smart models for the user to the price of one yuan to buy.

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