Liquor electricity supplier to become the next electricity supplier market outbreak

simple, electronic business platform just another commodity sales channels, manufacturers or dealers selling products using the network platform, reduce intermediate channel circulation, the commodity price is more competitive, and businesses can retain more profits. The electricity market is booming, and various types of vertical integrated electricity supplier electricity suppliers have to rise, after the rise of the vertical electricity supplier segments located in the books, 3C and other luxury goods, and a kind of vertical business development by investors locked, that is the liquor business. (text / Wang Liyang)

liquor electricity supplier market is large, high profit into the next electricity supplier outbreak

ex factory price of 619 yuan / bottle 53 degrees flying Moutai, the market retail price of up to nearly 2000 yuan / bottle, traditional sales channels makes a lot of liquor retail price can reach about 3 times of the ex factory price, the electricity supplier in this case the advantages are highlighted. Electricity supplier companies can be purchased directly from the manufacturers in the sale of its electricity supplier platform, so you can save a lot of the middle of the channel links, so that the electricity supplier platform wine more price advantage. The two are locked in a public opinion on Tmall, the Jingdong, where this kind of large B2C and fierce competition of the group purchase and luxury, the liquor B2C electricity supplier in the development of quiet.

in recent years, liquor prices and liquor sales are showing a rising trend, according to statistics, in 2010 the national total sales of liquor increased by 25%, while the first half of 2011 is more than 30%. In the wine market, China’s current per capita consumption of red wine is about 0.38 liters / year, for Europe’s 2%, while the domestic electricity supplier platform of red wine sales less than the total sales of 1%. Industry data show that the next five years, the electricity supplier will account for the total sales of red wine of about 10%, or about $20 billion market share. Not only that, because the wine product line itself high gross margin, gross margin Wine domestic supermarkets are generally in 50%, imports of Wine higher, at present, remove the middle part of the liquor business can maintain the stable development of higher profits.

a lot of liquor products in the process of storage and transportation with constant temperature and humidity strict steady and anti burst demand, so warehousing and logistics links inhibited the rapid development of the liquor electricity supplier, but when its other electricity supplier in the field, more and more capital gathered in the eyes of the liquor, liquor business will become a burst of electricity market, in the capital after the intervention, warehousing and logistics aspects will be greatly solved.

comprehensive liquor electricity supplier brewmaster network and vertical electricity supplier liquor Yesmywine

is now well documented liquor electricity supplier website has more than and 100, but relatively well-known liquor electricity supplier is not a few. Brewmaster network Yesmywine, pinshang wine is temporarily in the first echelon of liquor. Where do the comprehensive liquor electricity supplier brewmaster network, Yesmywine do segmentation Wine electricity supplier.

is Chinese brewmaster network liquor retail network first. It is reported that the brewmaster network is accumulated by a strength of the coal bosses.

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