2016 China’s maternal and child electricity supplier will reach 300 billion nets red mother into a t

Internet research firm Analysys think tank released recently "Chinese maternal electricity supplier market comprehensive annual report 2016" is expected, as users of consumer behavior, a comprehensive upgrade of the two child policy landing, maternal and child supplies online retail market will continue rapid growth, in 2016 China maternal electricity market size will reach 302 billion yuan, an increase of 37.6% compared to 2015.

report pointed out that the current electricity supplier maternal market has entered a period of rapid development, efforts in all aspects of maternal electricity supplier channels, such as category mode, seek the development of differentiation, the market gradually return to rational, increasingly fierce competition.


2015, the price war, the global purchase, community-based, online and offline collaboration has become the development of China’s maternal and child electricity supplier industry. The report notes that the maternal and child electricity supplier has not only around the sale of maternal and infant supplies, but there is a big mother and child integrated formats. The sale of goods to expand electricity supplier maternal beauty, clothing, bags, education, photography, family travel, infants and pregnant nursing service industry is becoming more and more vigorous development.


report pointed out that the focus of future development is China maternal electricity providers pay attention to quality, attention to customer experience, the four major trends, respectively in order to strengthen the supply chain service chain construction, commodity type expansion, the line of communication and economic value of mining. According to the report, maternal electricity supplier will also appear "net red" effect, mother, the doctor from the Reds Reds live, media, community and other communication channels, can be cost-effective dissemination of parenting ideas and scientific products to users, then the content of cash.

2016, maternal and child electricity supplier companies will enter the competition from the price difference. "Babe" will focus on maternal user needs to expand the category, to create "mother economy" mobile shopping entrance "fusion development; honey bud" is related to the depth of maternal education, health, tourism and other fields; "Le" is dedicated to the mother all retail channels, open online and offline links; "baby tree" using their own community of users of high activity, through the exclusive business platform "beauty store Mom" will flow.

in the user analysis, enfodesk announced in May this year, the research data show that maternal electricity supplier users are 76.9% women, maternal and child comprehensive community, children’s education, shopping, food, electricity, electricity providers sale delicacy community, cross-border electricity, comics, physical health, sound reading and strong correlation between maternal electricity supplier user field. Will cooperative marketing in the field of strengthening.

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