Net sales of prescription drugs will be quasi birth certificate whether the development of pharmace

with the development of economy, more people to pursue health level and health has become a popular vocabulary, which also led to the development of the pharmaceutical industry, especially in the Internet has been the invasion of the era, the development of pharmaceutical electricity supplier has become an essential part of the Internet era, and the depth of cooperation with the Internet with the medical industry, the pharmaceutical business will become the main development of the Internet era, recently, net sales of prescription drugs in the national day or new year’s Day is the gate That’s final. thing, with the open up policy prescription drugs online shopping, online shopping to get a prescription medicine "Zhunshengzheng", the development of the pharmaceutical industry will achieve business on the basis of integration and electronic business the depth of the.


billion market temptation

with the Internet itself is a place where miracles before the "birth certificate" issued, the pharmaceutical business has already started the Internet layout, and the 58 media advertising alliance data show that in 2013 China pharmaceutical B2C continue to show explosive growth, the annual deal size reached 4 billion 260 million yuan, compared with 1 billion 600 million yuan in 2012 the growth of 166%. Expected in 2014, China’s pharmaceutical electricity supplier transaction size will reach 6 billion 800 million yuan. The huge market has become the internet pharmaceutical electricity supplier in the eyes of "big cake", the Internet brings into the development space of hitherto unknown for the whole market, behind the billion market competition and capital is to compete in the Internet, the Internet has become a strong impetus to the development of the capital operation of the pharmaceutical online shopping.

The impact of

quasi birth behind

Behind the Internet online shopping

medicine one hundred billion market is the entire Internet industry for the traditional medicine industry impact, qianyiji OTC market itself has made the entire internet pharmaceutical business to achieve the maximum development, and the birth certificate issued is behind the entire Internet industry impact for traditional medicine, but also not to mention subversion the hospital has been a drug development, the most direct beneficiaries, quasi shock behind the market can better display the pharmaceutical business development prospects, relying on the advantages of the development of the electricity supplier will explore the depth of Internet and the development of the pharmaceutical industry, improve the integration of medicine in the impact of Internet development process, integration and development of deep exploration entities and Internet pharmacy pharmaceutical business the.

channel separation, resources closer to

for the development of the Internet industry, although the development of birth certificate for the whole market to bring the gospel, but on the development of the market, the separation channel is still an important aspect that restricts the development of the logistics distribution system and online order system, the construction of the platform is the key content of the development of pharmaceutical business the establishment of effective logistics channels and marketing channels, after all, drugs are not the consumer cognition, also cannot understand its function, strengthen the medical and drug inquiry system, better service to consumers, to create the most depth of the purchase experience for consumers, at the same time, the effective use of resources to move closer to the Internet giant electricity supplier, to achieve information >

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