One day the arrival of the sea Amoy diapers koala sea purchase refresh record distribution

a pack of Japanese origin diapers, from order to receipt, Mr. Tan Beijing only waited for 31 hours. "Yesterday the koala diaper purchase sea Festival, up early in the morning to buy a few packs of diapers, the duang~~ received messages sent to this morning." Mr. Tan is excited about his personal micro-blog. "This Duang is a little too fast."


in March 12th, is still in the beta phase of the NetEase’s cross-border electricity supplier brand launched the "koala sea purchase diapers Carnival activities, opened since early January this year on the line since the first big promotion. In the beginning of the second day of the event will receive goods consumers, far more than mr..

"now friends have received the diapers, too fast, I didn’t think." Mr. Tan said that, prior to the event, he will see the koala diaper sea purchase promotion day notice, feel the price range is very large, WeChat told a gang and he has the same baby neighbors and friends.

had to wait for at least 10 days before the consumer experience, the koala will be about 24 hours of the purchase of goods on the hands of consumers as fast as the city courier, but also refresh the industry record.


activity began at 4 a.m., Mr. Tan’s wife up to your baby, he woke up, he was in a hurry to open the computer store, "was also afraid to grab goods". Mr. Tan is loyal users NetEase koala sea purchase, there is a four month old baby, because the baby a little fat, 16 pounds, he bought a lot of King L’s diaper. Usually also buy in the koala sea Holland, Germany, infant formula. Because it is for the baby to use, I bought the goods and I have carefully inspected the lady, is indeed authentic, overseas direct imports, Tan said.

in the pilot cross-border trade import policy, koala sea purchase through centralized overseas procurement, unified by the domestic and overseas will be sent to the bonded warehouse goods which is located in Hangzhou, Ningbo and other places, consumers in the online order, directly from the bonded warehouse delivery. In order to further optimize the shopping experience, koala sea purchase with the customs staff to open a special channel, so as to achieve speed customs clearance, so that goods at a faster rate to the hands of consumers.

in addition to baby products, NetEase also launched a koala sea purchase overseas, health care, delicacy commodities such as "the whole point of second grab activities. From logistics, service, to the merchandise category, the cross-border business competition is destined to be a full range of.

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