Fang Xiaofeng Taobao database marketing sequel how to communicate with customers

went on to a party on the database marketing mode of Taobao, we talk about how to use the database marketing today is how to communicate with customers.

we want QQ or by potential customers to communicate with other communication tools, I do not speak, because the two is enough.

to tell you the truth, take the initiative to sell their products is very difficult, everyone dislike direct advertising, we also often see a QQ group who do not understand marketing skills people directly store web site, add a few promotional activities of text, know that there is no effect, there are still so many people in the hair, but there is a under the condition of such advertising is likely to produce a deal, you have senior level in this group, basically in the group of people know you, usually chat are more active, pure support may buy your products. This marketing skill is not the theme of this article, I am talking about this is to illustrate how to use our database direct advertising is certainly not good.

below I introduce how to effectively communicate with customers.

in the first step, we must understand the customer communication about the background, such as gender, age, hobbies and so on, we want to see their data basically can not find these, but can make judgments about from his purchase of products with the name and picture, if he had what post, we can further understand the habits of his hobbies. For the QQ, the general basic data to see, he entered the space words basically understand a half, here QQ have an advantage over Wangwang, just from the data in terms of understanding. To convince a customer, you must understand the customer.

the second step, how to talk with customers in conversation, we have a certain information, we need to do is to talk with customers, just like the girls, we have to do a lonely Wolf, don’t start that had come. Here’s how I did the first conversation with QQ.

I: Hello, add a smiley face.

each other: Hello, who are you, I know you,


I: my name is XXX, in the QQ on the QQ search number plus you, it can be regarded as fate. What are you doing,


(this sentence is to let him back to you, from the perspective of the heart he will ask you what to do, so you can openly say they do Taobao, what to sell products)

: I’m an accountant. What about you,


me: I don’t have a job, send an expression, currently full-time do Taobao, sell XX.

(because the database is a collection of targeted customers, so you say this product must be of interest to customers, but we still have to pretend to know nothing)

chat for the first time to do this, if he did not follow >

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