nterview with Zhao Wei am not a businessman is not a romantic novice to prepare for the double 11


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, a pair of big eyes, a Qiong Yao, although in the past nearly twenty years, but the Zhao Wei version of the little swallow is still loved by the public. Today, mother Zhao Wei has appeared again, still have the audience couldn’t help to call her "little swallow under the table".

after twenty years, Zhao Wei won the 26 best actress, 9, as the 17 Song Award; 2006, acting very influential Zhao Wei transformation director, with the graduation work "to us eventually lost youth" has taken the first step as a film director; today, the name of Zhao Wei has not only appeared in the entertainment headlines, known as the entertainment companion Buffett she, has become the focus of science and technology and financial journalists chase reporters.

I’m not a businessman

small swallow rage, Zhao Wei has been seeking a breakthrough in self road. Singer, director, producer, her name has always been inseparable from the entertainment industry, can not be separated from the film and television works, as she said: "debut twenty years, I rarely do anything in their own name."

now, outside the entertainment industry, Zhao Wei’s name is often boarded financial news. Together with Huang Xiaoming, Li Bingbing and other star investors, the dynamics of the business in the media is also quite popular in the attention of the media, and so on, and so on, and so on, such as. On the eve of Tmall 11, Zhao Wei officially launched its own brand of wine, and opened a flagship store in Tmall, the electricity supplier.

conference, dressed in red Zhao Wei appeared to become the focus of the audience. She said with a smile: "this is my first step into a new system, still on the road to study a book about" how to do a business tool "." Asked about the identity of the merchant, Zhao Wei admits he is not a particularly good at doing business, just because I like wine, and share some of their favorite things.

Zhao Wei said he was a romantic nature, love wine, like the French romantic culture. From the first set foot on the land of Bordeaux, Zhao Wei wanted to own a winery, until 2011, Zhao Wei and her husband signed purchase the famous French Bordeaux Right Bank of Saint Emilion region Chateau Monlot winery.

although it is a small winery, but the transaction price of over 4 million euros, by the United States, France and other media attention, not only because of the winery production per hectare price of the most expensive vineyards, but also because Zhao Wei is the first Asian star to enter the European wine industry.

novice ready for dual 11

although Zhao Wei does not think he is a businessman, but long dream for the first time into the Chinese winery on the choice of the double 11, on the eve of settled Tmall, and people have to make people rethink about her own identity identification.

affected by the policy, the development trend of high-end wine in recent years in the country is not optimistic. But at the same time, with the upgrading of the living standards of the Chinese middle class as well as to 80, 90 as the representative of

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