Taobao hit million yuan investment to build a multi platform for counterfeiting rights

following the strike against external credit speculation black industry chain, recently announced that it will come up with one hundred million yuan to support the construction of online shopping security and anti-counterfeiting campaign, to carry out chelunzhan type anti-counterfeiting campaign. In November 18th, Taobao’s "universal rights" initiative, has been regarded as the market sounded a new round of nationwide crackdown "horn", while Taobao will become the hub and fake the core strength of multi force polymerization.

Taobao platform "in order to maintain a good shopping environment, the creation of new commercial civilization, will set up a special team to crack down on illegal counterfeiting, and selling shops, also set up Report Mailbox [email protected], to encourage consumers and businesses to the Taobao report related to counterfeiting and selling fake behavior." Taobao said. It is reported that Taobao will be found and the evidence of the relevant information and submitted to the relevant enterprises and industry and commerce, public security, association and other related departments, the wind will blow fake from Taobao extends to the next line, the fight against fake social black industry chain.

Taobao said it will invest one hundred million yuan to build a platform for rights, which will continue to be used for the purchase of a part of the $one hundred million security fund, after which Taobao has announced the establishment of the entire network of shopping security fund 20 million. If consumers buy fake Taobao in the Internet, will be the first time to obtain security fund payment; on the other hand, counterfeiting is going to cost one hundred million yuan, in another part of the cost will be used for the establishment of professional team in the process of counterfeiting and counterfeiting, the fake Taobao not only for selling phenomenon exists on the platform, and also manufacturers with the investigation, will jointly relevant departments to extend the line of the source of counterfeiting and selling channels, will be involved in the investigation and handling of problems in different places.

Inner Mongolia University criminal investigation professional professor Liu Mingsheng believes that the transaction transparency of the Internet platform greatly reduces consumer information dissemination costs, through the relevant forum shopping site settings, and even the police can easily find clues to the crime.

is the leading consumer Internet platform, itself has been counterfeiting process and complete system, including a series of initiatives to machine investigation, investigation, report and artificial page and manufacturers etc..

data show that in 2009 only a cosmetics category, monthly average under the framework of the counterfeit goods more than 100 thousand, and the brand owner or law enforcement agencies only need to provide the full proof, will be the first time to make fake". In Nike, for example, in 2008 to help Nike Taobao 16 times to deal with counterfeit goods, shelves of goods up to 488360. Up to now, Taobao clean up fake brand goods 1946588, freezing ban fake shop 9834.

for the lack of credit, such as fake and shoddy problems, Taobao targeted initiatives have not been interrupted. Taobao is in 2007 launched the "consumer protection plan", including "Xianhengpeifu", "7 days no reason to return", "lost three", describe other initiatives.

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