Takeaway O2O market has become a major player in the Red Sea is opening up new battlefield

[Abstract] takeaway platform on the one hand to the upper reaches of the food and beverage industry chain extension, on the other hand is turned from individual orders to provide orders for enterprises.


Tencent science and technology Xin Yan reported on March 25th

consumer C end users have been O2O platform takeaway xiangbobo "as long as the number of users, orders would not be a problem to become entrepreneurs in the" golden laws and precious rules to a certain extent. And now, takeaway O2O market is changing the direction of the wind.

after several rounds of large-scale burn for users in the postwar takeaway market has been a U.S., hungry, and other small food giant Baidu takeaway. According to Analysys data show that in December 2015, China Internet takeaway food market as a whole has been above three companies accounted for nearly 86% of the market share.

when facing the C end of the consumer’s entrance is almost saturated, B end market ushered in the spring. Take the platform on the one hand to the upper reaches of the food and beverage industry chain extension, to provide services for small and medium businesses; on the other hand is to turn orders from individuals to provide orders for the enterprise.

consumer market is almost saturated

With Baidu

, the U.S. group comment takeaway completed the spin off of merger, hungry completed several rounds of financing, for the individual user’s takeaway market share has several almost swept.

data show that in 2015 the U.S. with 32.3% market share ranked first, followed by the hungry, to 27.1% ranked second, Baidu takeaway takeout and reputation respectively to 12.6% and 8.1% in third and fourth, accounting for 5.8% of home will delicacy.

in addition, some analysts pointed out that from the perspective of the background of the takeaway O2O has become a dish of BAT lunch, is unlikely to appear outside of the fourth forces.

in early 2014, Tencent strategic investment in public comment, and regard it as one of the core areas of the O2O layout. October 2015 review of the United States and the United States announced a month after the merger, Ali sold nearly 1 billion U.S. dollars of equity review group, then in January 2016, Tencent merged into the entity after the injection of $1 billion.

on the other side, Baidu began a low-key layout of the O2O in 2014, this from the early 2014 acquisition of a wholly-owned rice can get a glimpse. And in May 2014 on the line Baidu takeaway, completed in July 2015 split. In terms of investment strategy, Baidu decided to invest 20 billion in the next three years to support Baidu Nuomi’s cash, the Internet giant’s largest single investment in the O2O business.

hungry aspects, informed sources had earlier confirmed to the Tencent technology, hungry to get $1 billion 250 million investment intentions, however, the deal could eventually be reached after the spring festival. Not long ago, and there are rumors that the hungry will be incorporated into the mouth, followed by hungry officials confirmed only on business cooperation. If the hungry will eventually join, or make up >

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