Group purchase website 5 years of ups and downs on Transformation of local life service

‘s new year’s day just past, Wowo mall to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission submitted IPO documents, intends to rob the 2015 United States market takes the first stock. Today, many people have been very strange to the name "nest", it can not help people with emotion change Chinese group purchase market 5 years upside down. Just 5 years, after a thousand wars, barbaric growth, capital bubble, the survival of the fittest and a series of dramatic changes, China’s increasingly rational buy market. 5 years of ups and downs of a dream, China group purchase website began to reform his own life, extending to the broader field of group purchase from the extension of local life service consumption. The future of the site will be more or less away from its original face.

JINGWAH Times reporter intern reporter Jiang Yachen


5 years of ups and downs.

group purchase

every year, China’s market is changing. From the beginning of 2010, China’s first group buying site was established by the end of 2010, thousands of regiment war sounded the clarion call. 2011, players have to use capital for the market, the rapid expansion of the industry gradually exposed the problem of exposure. In 2012, the capital without food, advocating the intensive and meticulous farming U.S. mission network and the public comment talent shows itself. 2013, business open group has gradually normalized, focusing on services and seize the trend of mobile market in the top two to further consolidate the position of the first camp. 2014, the capital of the Internet as well as investment in favor of the giants, so that the group bought the site from the initial development of independent gradually rely on the fight to fight money. 2015, buy site in the field of O2O multi line combat has become a trend.

total turnover of 2 billion yuan in 2010

thousand regiment war kicked off

has had a large group purchase website market leader, in the group purchase market veteran of nearly 5 years of Mr. Li, for the year thousands of war are still visible before the eyes of the tragic.

group purchase originator – Groupon mode of the United States exudes a charming atmosphere on the other side of the ocean, Chinese Internet entrepreneurs like sharks smell the smell of blood poured into the market, group purchase. January 2010 full online line, in March 4 the U.S. group established in March 15th March 18th the establishment of Wo Wo Group, handle network was established in June and glutinous rice network was founded as early as April 2003 public comment in June of that year from the media transformation into the group purchase market review.

Mr. Li recalled that China’s market in the early days of the purchase, physical goods accounted for a larger proportion of the single group, because the local needs of a large number of services in the field of ground promotion staff. Just the birth of the Chinese group purchase site did not have the huge line team, but also by the geographical restrictions, copy the threshold is not high, as long as the use of special offer goods, some talk about some of the businesses, a college student by downloading a group purchase website template can build a group purchase website.

buy site because of prepaid and verification code closed loop verification system, a rapid impact on the issuance of electronic coupons but did not form >

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