Online shopping tide suffered after a hard return no reason to return a few hurdles

double eleven just past, consumers suffered a return difficult". Reporter recently interviewed found that although online shopping seven days no reason to return "principle has identified a new consumer law, but still faces many obstacles in the actual operation.

20, the Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress to amend the Shanghai consumer protection regulations, the decision, no reason to return for seven days, clearly incorporated into local legislation. Smooth and no reason to return but also a few


Tmall pre-sale does not support seven days no reason to return cited controversy, online shopping is still facing the return of the three major difficulties

"double eleven" this year is the implementation of the new consumer law after the first large-scale shopping festival. Reporters found that the overall return is now difficult for consumers to return, but the situation is still difficult to return. Reporters learned from the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee, as of 17, double the number of complaints has exceeded last year’s return of 20%, the complaint is one of the hardest hit in the disaster area, the return of the complaint is more than a year ago, the number of complaints has been more than eleven.

this year, double eleven for the first time to play international slogan, but it is difficult to buy goods overseas purchasing. In Beijing Chaoyang District He Yan told reporters, "I bought a bag of overseas purchasing stores, get after the discovery was out of line. The other is not willing to retreat, because the cost of purchasing goods overseas is too high, a single average postage 100 yuan in the next."

some businesses put forward additional requirements for consumers to make it difficult. Working in Shanghai, Cheng Jie told reporters, "double eleven" to buy a sunscreen, because I used the counter goods, so I know a fake. But they don’t admit, but also said commodity packaging is broken, so do not give back.

is working in Shanghai, Winnie also told reporters, "double eleven" to buy a piece of clothing, but one of the sleeves have obvious quality problems, when you want to return, the seller said to produce a "proof" of the delivery receipt when goods have quality problems, but now basically in the guard to send express, express I don’t know where to go, "how can I show that this


in addition, this year, double eleven dispute the biggest, or Tmall pre-sale does not support seven days no reason to return". Shanghai citizens Zhang Meng double eleven to buy a traffic recorder, when used to find inconvenient. But Tmall believes that this product belongs to the sale of goods, does not support seven days no reason to return, so we can only continue to use it.

hard return due to legal loopholes, and regulations necessary to refine

now return difficult because most of the law is not enough refinement, which naturally left a lot of space for the controversy. Therefore, the appropriate refinement of local regulations is very necessary.

in Shanghai’s new consumer protection regulations, make provisions for unpacking, pre-sale conditions: in addition to the new consumer law clearly listed four categories of goods according to the commodity nature should not be returned, the operator shall inform consumers by significantly, and set the prompt procedures to take measures or technical means for consumers to confirm.


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