Suning disclose details of cooperation with Barcelona official partner

sina science and technology news June 10th morning news yesterday, Suning is about to join hands with the world famous football club Barcelona marriage news sparked concern. Suning insiders said that Suning will become the official partner of China, Barcelona, Barcelona and brand marketing strategy in the marketing level.

addition, in football Suning and Barcelona will carry out Chinese campus football to promote cooperation, the selection of outstanding young players in Spain Lamaxiya training; establish official position to provide information and fans, and Barcelona official Barcelona Chinese for interaction and cooperation content etc..

Suning and Barcelona on Wednesday (June 11th) strategic cooperation conference, Barcelona CEO Ruth Qi will today has led a delegation to china.

yesterday, at 16:28 p.m., Barcelona football club official micro-blog was drying out a photo of the 10 shirt with the word "SUNING", micro-blog’s "gift from Barcelona headquarters". (


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