The Taobao business shop to teach you how to fun in store marketing

In order to meet the needs of the majority owner of

, for some friends in the online business process some confused promotion, calm to a way of marketing marketing in absolute quantity shop, in store promotion (the best way to increase sales) to do a detailed analysis and put forward suggestions for example. Hope to be helpful to the novice, veteran who please exhibitions.

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three point nine to a detailed analysis of online marketing scheme to realize! Shop marketing analysis: let more people to let people buy, buy to let people buy more, let the people who bought again.

a stimulus to buy

1, special

special pay attention to the problem:

(a), you must make a special price for your shop to find a reason (there is no reason to cut prices, it is difficult to put the price of goods up). Can have the following reasons: for example, the time limit, the holiday (National Day, Mid Autumn Festival, etc.).

(two), the special offer can not be too long, can not let others feel your special offer is to attract attention and no practical role.

(three), the slogan written, for example: the product is reduced from 5000 to 4500 should write straight down 500, instead of writing a 10 percent off discount. Products from 10 yuan down to $5, should be written to sell or sell half price, but can not write straight down $5 50 percent off.

2, spike

spike should pay attention to the problem:

(a), the price range is quite large, it is best to sell a dollar.

(two), to advance the shelves of goods, it is best to advance to half a month to shelves, so that there will be more people to know you this product, so that more people will participate in spike.

(three), before engaging in spike activities to multi propaganda, know the more people the better.

3, draw

lottery should pay attention to the problem:

(a), the award should be big enough, attractive.

(two), small prize to be enough, so that more people can win.

(three), to be fully displayed in your shop, so that people who come to your shop will know your store in the lottery.

how to set the rules of the draw:

1, for example, would like to increase the amount of collection, the rules will be developed, will be in the day of my collection of people who choose the store as a winner.

2, for example, can be set at the end of the day of the transaction number or a number, the number to meet a condition, both for the winning.

3, you can think of any means to stimulate consumption can be used as a rule.

two, stimulate more buy

1, buy

, for example, when you are shopping

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