The new marketing mode of meager marketing


since 2009, Sina launched the "small Sina beta version, micro-blog officially entered into the Chinese field of Internet users, only less than two years, has occupied the absolute advantage of small a space for one person on the Internet, and the market is no longer the exclusive Sina small Ao head, Tencent, Sohu, NetEase and other major portals web sites have launched their meager application. With the birth of the meager, on the Internet and produced a new type of marketing – marketing.

Interpretation of the modest

Encyclopedia: micro-blog, so that micro blog (MicroBlog) abbreviation, is a relationship based on user information sharing, dissemination and access platform, the user can through the WEB, WAP and a variety of customer sidecomponent community update information to about 140 words of text and instant sharing. Have you noticed? Only in the amount of information is meager more than and 100 words to spread to the public, therefore, if you want to carry on the marketing promotion, so must be precise language, dapper and compelling, or fail to achieve your desired goal.

on the other hand, if you want to achieve the purpose of marketing is the premise of information coverage, the coverage of how big? Rely on fans forwarding, visible to the meager marketing premise is to cultivate the quality and quantity of fans.

remember before I opened a company to establish a brand for the purpose of sina small account, of course, the account nickname is important, you have to let others know what you are doing and what is slim your location, although some mixed things not what relationship, but if accurate, then you fans quality is absolutely guaranteed, because they already know what you are doing, if you fly, they will be interested in understanding this, you will not easily delete. Determine the nickname, it is necessary to pay attention to other personal information in small, such as personal label, a word is introduced, the best is open to related Sina blog, blog and so on meager binding, blog’s can be displayed in a small, shoot two hawks with one arrow. As for the small head choice I would not say what it is, we all know to find beautiful pictures, ha ha, but my meager beauty picture selection is not appropriate, since it is the best product brand marketing and product or the brand, so the fans come to a more objective.

did not appeal to the ordinary small owners are not a celebrity, in the best method of early rapid increase fans should be mutual powder, you can add some mutual powder QQ group, you can also add some small groups, one cannot forget the most important, updated every day, your professional knowledge and life common sense and other information, so that professional can attract potential users to automatically pay attention to you, make full use of their own 140 word discourse, a good grasp of the update frequency and content of flexibility by allowing the user to remember your brand influence. Can also take the initiative to forward or comment on other people’s information, to attract potential users active powder you.

how to encourage fans to forward their own information

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