Sexy underwear has gradually been recognized by the masses of Taohuawu with you to understand the pu

sexy underwear is more and more popular, different elements into the underwear, so that women show a different aesthetic. With the rise of online shopping, the majority of users to buy sexy underwear has become accustomed to such a way, it can be said that online shopping has become an inseparable part of people’s daily lives. And it is this shopping channel, completely open up people’s attitude towards the performance of conservative underwear. Taohuawu City, as the female sexy underwear products also caught up with this trend, from the store to enter into the network, market development will be the future lingerie show a gradual rising trend.

people’s aesthetic consciousness with western culture into a new, gradually familiar with underwear, underwear has diversified development, different shape color bra thrown, more women no longer shy, the pursuit of fashion underwear, sexy underwear thrown in front of more people have a bright feeling, the general body of women abnormal wear sexy lingerie, transparent, found a woman’s body is so prominent, so sexy, a back, a look back, let the man can’t help fall into a reverie….

sexy underwear again sparked new underwear with many stars, not only love wearing transparent underwear, sexy underwear, sexy g-string, garter, three, put on a variety of roles with attractive pose, and we have many young people also love to buy sexy underwear in the lingerie shop or through the online store to give yourself the love that people watch. Sexy underwear is not only good to hear or see, but also promote the feeling between husband and wife, really is the ultimate development of underwear.

with more and more people like and buy a variety of sexy underwear, the domestic market is also quietly rising underwear underwear. Most of the early domestic manufacturers for the European market, OEM, which led suzlle night fire, and leaves as the earliest in the field of manufacturers, has a high reputation in the domestic market. Taiwan brand in recent years also gradually into the domestic market, because of its unique advantages in internationalization, innovation on the domestic market, by love, in which feesexy, moon brand is one of the best, and have high visibility. Taohuawu mall as a leader in the sale of adult products, is the first to seize such an opportunity to join the industry.

is different from the Western advocating freedom and individuality, Chinese love beautiful artistic conception, reflecting subtle and gentle warmth, with thin and transparent features, style quickly be pajamas nightdress accepted, to gain market recognition. Among them, Taiwan brand positioning is better.

as the saying goes, "people rely on clothes horse saddle, with fashion you radiant, and he deduce more passion, warm and ambiguous text. With the correct recognition of sexy underwear, sexy underwear in China will get more people like and favor, sexy underwear industry will grow more and more huge in China!

according to the well-known industry company Taohuawu Mall (http://s.www>)

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