The battle under the quiet undercurrent slobber war is just the warm up

although many electronic business platform in detail his will in the 628 anniversary of the competition to a Jingdong, not the other shelling competition is not really, what "don’t blow", "do not fight in what the words" from time to time in all the major network platform, is very lively, but almost can not see last year, hundreds of millions of yuan reward generous, which will undoubtedly make the business competition is a little lack of sincerity on the whole, compared with last year is too quiet.

but is it? In fact behind this silence is very huge undercurrent in the surging, many business platform launched its own service strategy, such as fast delivery service, the competition began to gradually shift to the service model, which is more comprehensive quality test of electronic business platform itself. If the loss of customers in the service, it is not the loss of traffic so simple, more important is the loss of loyalty traffic.

fight war is not a war of words is a kind of tacit understanding

in fact behind this year’s electricity supplier war is not hot is mainly because the electricity supplier platform has been found last year the price war is too fierce, in this fierce behind is nothing more than money earned, not completely what help to enhance the visibility of the shop and viscous, coupled with this year’s electricity industry tightening, combing industry development bottleneck under this trend even, shall not be affected by the electricity supplier tax, do not care about the cost the price war is not likely to explode again.

so the electricity supplier industry platform are consistent with the same voice, it played bickering, enhance the visibility of the electricity industry, and can enhance user stickiness and loyalty, so practice lies in the individual, in this competition, many business platform will feel fair and safe, but for consumers, but can not see the business platform of the smoke, seems to feel the lack of what, at least do not feel able to win more low-priced goods.

Tmall response to Jingdong

silenceAlthough this year the Jingdong

price war is not very fierce, but also some small promotions, such as the full 300 to send 100, but compared to other business platform price discount rate is quite substantial, in addition to Tmall Jingdong also launched a slobber war, one of two events last year to become a powerful weapon for Jingdong Tmall harassment in any case, businesses are seeking, when the Jingdong launched the anniversary, for businessmen are naturally hope that through this activity can make more money, but on the day the cat launched singles promotion war, but those in the Jingdong shielding businesses, really when many businesses feel angry, it will naturally become the main factors of Tmall Jingdong harassment.

but Tmall does not seem to Jingdong with what this harassment back, seems to be the same as last year, Jingdong engage anniversary, Taobao is just as syndicates did a bit of promotional activities, and not to suppress the formation of Jingdong, is more of some second tier business platform and the Jingdong in the fierce battle, perhaps Tmall.

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