Four strokes to induce customers to buy products

No two way

doing business online and in reality, the key is to sincere hospitality! This is the most important, not only to be honest, the product is more real, better quality, with the customer, it is what, not shoddy, deceive customers. Plainly, in business to business, it is a process of life, how to, how successful business, the key to see how the people, how to be a sincere person! Several methods of communication with customers, is based on the sincere hospitality, as sincere, so successful the probability is relatively large.

The first one:


to complete the transaction.

if the customer wants to buy, just think that the price of the baby is beyond the level of their scheduled, then, as long as you want to guide them, generally can make the negotiations go on smoothly.

The role of

guidance in the transaction. It enables the customer to transfer the object considered in the brain, producing a kind of imagination. In this way, so that customers in the process of buying things, become particularly active in their hearts also produce a desire to trade as soon as possible the wishes of the transaction. It can be said that the guide is a catalyst, a language catalyst. In chemistry, the catalyst can make the chemical reaction speed increase rapidly, the same, in the customer transactions, the seller can also make use of the catalyst is greatly affected by the customer. "Guide" all the action you are arranged, but the customer seems, everything is their own design, until after the success of the transaction, they think they are taking advantage of.

second strokes: the demonstration of


in the introduction to the customer treasure time, avoid to introduce customers to use the baby, but this does not mean that only the baby uses function list to get away, but also to the customer demonstration. For example, the use of camera demonstration, or shoot some video clips sent to the customer, the customer often will deepen the impression of the goods, will make the customer get a feeling of security, increase their trust in the sense of commodity. In this way, on the one hand you have been said by the customer heart, and on the other hand to the experience of the baby’s special, so it will not hesitate to deal with you.

third: Taking fight cattle trading cheats

this is a great trick in martial arts in the Oh, but in the sale is the only seller It is quite common for, sometimes not aware of their trick. Oh, that’s so difficult, what is it? And I am pleased to.

general customer in addition to buy things with their own, many are buying gifts for friends, so when you know this, you should inquire buyers, baby use objects what sex is, what age, if possible, can also play to listen to what the character, hehe. Instead of privacy, this is not for the others, the more you know, the more you will be able to meet the needs of customers. For example, selling toys, the use of objects are generally children and so on, so you have to give her a picture of a child playing this

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