Derivative viral overgrowth after the needs of industry standards

do not know when, micro business quickly swept the circle of friends, a WeChat is open to the overwhelming advertising mask, advertising agents, so that many of the friends playing WeChat is injured. Some users simply completely off the advertising information, but many users forced by the friendship between friends and face, not directly shielding those ads. Over the past two years, micro business army in the crazy growth, it is said that there are tens of millions of people in the country to do micro business, open shop even more enthusiastic than Taobao shop.


micro business why so popular, the reasons can be summed up in two points: first, the cost of micro business input is very small, almost no need to invest much money can do. This is all want to venture but lack of funds for young people, is undoubtedly a good business projects. The second is the rapid spread of social applications, mainly in WeChat, unfamiliar street and other applications based, young people are keen to pursue the trend, while the majority of micro target customers are young consumer groups. Plus the derivative was boasting about the miraculous, so many young people to join the army to follow the trend of micro business, which also has a lot of money.

according to statistics, more than 80% of the products sold by the micro channel is the mask, we see in the circle of friends is to sell a variety of brands mask. Why so mask for micro business on sale, the first domestic film industry chaos now, there seems to have more than one hundred brands, unlike other cosmetics that can easily distinguish the brand quality. Such as low-end cosmetics, high-end cosmetics, search the brand can be.

But the

mask is not, so many mixed brands, most consumers do not know what a good brand. Then the mask of the consumer groups are young women, the crowd is more likely to impulse consumption, coupled with their friends recommended, may soon be together to buy. Finally, the demand for mask products is relatively large, mask use cycle shorter than other cosmetics.

more than three reasons for the mask products in the field of micro fire special fire, although the micro business is a good business model, but now more and more micro businesses to take the form of cheating friends to make money. In the mask, for example, in fact, a lot of mask product quality are not qualified, so that both pit friends, and lost credibility. And micro business agents more and more like the notorious pyramid scheme, through the continuous development of the downline to profitability, product sales is no longer important, but more importantly, how to develop offline. This profit model has been criticized by many people, micro providers can not become online mlm.

a few years ago to open a Taobao shop is the first choice for many young entrepreneurs model, and now the survival of small and medium sellers Taobao extremely difficult, the emergence of micro business seems to let us see the hope. It will get together to enter the field of micro, micro business really is not difficult to earn a little money, but to cheat a friend the way to profit. Finally can survive long, now micro business has formed a certain scale, therefore need to regulate the market, to the operation of the team, the system of micro business, both to ensure product quality, protect their reputation and live, can such a derivative >

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