CCB electricity supplier logic covering B2B and B2C two electricity supplier model

Hu Rongping Jane Zhang Ke

After the cooperation of

and Alibaba, the China Construction Bank (hereinafter referred to as the "Construction Bank") is determined to build a platform of e-commerce.

the bank refused to meet the Alibaba want to bank loan interest share, that between them and this has gradually, the financial industry and e-commerce industry has been the benchmark of cooperation has come to an end.

has a partner, Ali, general manager of financial Hu Xiaoming is willing to even bluntly told reporters: "we have cooperation with the Construction Bank as early as April 2011 to stop". Alibaba in April 2010 to get a micro credit license.

and chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba group and CEO Ma once in a speech a few years ago, said: "to small and medium enterprises loans, the number of banks really down-to-earth to do?. If the bank does not change, we change the bank."

for the Construction Bank, this month on the line of good financial business is the outcome of their brewing a few months. This business covers two types of B2B and B2C electricity supplier model, and became the first to eat crab in the banking sector. Here, the electricity supplier giant, Jingdong in the melee mall.

said CCB vice president Pang Xiusheng in August 13th to accept the exclusive interview with this reporter, CCB do e-commerce platform not because Alibaba, but because it is the trend of the future, by the e-commerce company to control the customer and the bank financial services is not appropriate.

CCB cross-border electricity supplier

Alibaba was to enterprise network security on its platform model and banks have close relations of cooperation. After the introduction of such loans in 2007, with the China Construction Bank, ICBC established a cooperative relationship, the business covers Zhejiang, Shanghai, Fujian and other places. The Construction Bank, the Alibaba is considered to be the most important partner in the bank.

Hu Xiaoming once said that his original dream is through the bank’s resources for banks and Alibaba on the platform of small business matchmaking, but because the bank credit concept and are fundamentally different, this idea has not been achieved, then began to apply for small loans company license.

Although the

part of the enterprise cooperation and Alibaba bank loan scale only 10 billion yuan, reduce or stop compared to the total assets of 13 trillion yuan for the construction of a drop in the bucket this part of the business, but Pang Xiusheng accepted the exclusive interview with this reporter, said that e-commerce has great potential, a trend which cannot be halted. In China, the completion of 1 trillion and 700 billion yuan of e-commerce transactions, 2007 takes a full year, while in 2012 only a quarter.

CCB good financial business e-commerce website came into being. It covers a wide range of services, including e-commerce services, financial services, operations management services, corporate community services and corporate and individual

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