Jingdong mall enabled short domain name jd com domain name can still be used

March 26th news: it is reported that today’s independent Jingdong mall opened a new domain name jd.com on the line, the use of the original Jingdong mall domain 360buy.com still had to pass the industry Jingdong to replace the domain event to raise a Babel of criticism of the dust settles.

it is understood that Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong had said in an interview with the media, Jingdong original domain name 360buy.com is not easy to remember, the user needs to search in order to enter the mall Jingdong.

development, whois information query the jd.com short domain name registered in September 29, 1992, two were in the.CN domain name holder.

In addition

, on the opening of a domain name jd.com on the line, with the opening of the new domain name, also set up a new Jingdong launched LOGO, the new LOGO is a dog, a bit like Stephen Chow "Yangtze River seven" named qizai, very cute.

Jingdong on the line of the best short domain name, for the user to search is indeed a lot of convenience, the boss is also a small series of JD will be translated into eggs.

and 360buy.com days after the original domain name for Jingdong will continue to use independently, or will jump to the new domain name jd.com, or for other purposes, the Jingdong has yet to reply to the corresponding.

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