The traditional super micro staged tide supermarket micro shop opened


] February 6th news billion state power network, learned billion state power network before the Beijing supermarket chain supermarket "official micro shop" LOHAS chaoshifa "officially opened. It is understood that the supermarket stores will be there by micro micro mall to provide technical support.

users can use the WeChat public concern "Beijing chaoshifa" or "chaoshifa official", click on the page below the dialogue "LOHAS chaoshifa" entrance into the supermarket, the official micro shop.


According to

at present, billion state power network to understand, in the supermarket shelves of 269 products, covering fresh food, non-staple food, daily distribution, grain and oil, detergent, daily, and many other categories, distribution coverage in eight districts of Beijing six ring. At the same time, chaoshifa promised all goods can be delivered the next day. In the opening period, in the supermarket store will also launch free shipping, send movie tickets, lottery and other promotional activities.

payment, in addition to the WeChat online payment, micro shop supermarket will also support cash on delivery and outlets from mentioning.

Prior to

, another traditional super micro shop Yonghui supermarket launched APP in January, has the function of online ordering, payment and delivery of the supermarket stores under the line.

with the first round of the transition to the Internet and traditional retail business, now the entity retailers are more pragmatic, they will focus on the "last mile", to provide more convenient and efficient services, focusing on the member’s needs and experience, deep and solid. While leveraging the micro shop will open up online and offline, is an easy way out of the way.

According to

billion state power network to understand, the city of Beijing is a well-known supermarket chain supermarket company, the main fresh food, department stores and supplies Home Furnishing. It currently has 74 stores, more than 7000 employees, as well as more than 3 square meters of commodity distribution base and nearly 6000 square meters of fresh food and low temperature library.

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