Double 11 trading volume rose for the past 6 years the secret constantly looking for new growth poin

County, as long as all ages and overseas consumer groups are not saturated, cool and cool products, the growth in a short period of time will not stop. Of course, the most fundamental reason is that, as a platform for the company, Alibaba will do everything possible to stimulate consumption, because no matter the seller lost or earned, the platform is earned. More importantly, a huge amount of trading funds remain in the Ali platform for Internet banking and other capital operation, which is the real big money.

double eleven trading volume rose for the past 6 years, from 2009 to 2014, followed by the order of 50 million, 936 million, 3 billion 360 million, including Taobao (), 35 billion, and the growth rate of the order of 1772%, 259%, 468%, 83%, 63%.

2013 double eleven to reach the transaction amount of 35 billion, the industry will have a voice, Alibaba will not continue to engage in double the eleven, because it is difficult to rise. But in 2014 the transaction amount of 57 billion 100 million yuan to prove that there are still a lot of room for double sales growth of eleven.

compared to last year, this year’s incremental consumption of online shopping is mainly from the mobile terminal. Last year, eleven double wireless consumption accounted for more than $28% this year, is 42%. Shopping using a mobile phone, the elderly and children are easy to use, but also the influx of rural consumer groups, but these are not the main consumer in the past ten a, this is completely incremental.

2009 double eleven was born, and the day Ali propaganda deliberately linked, specializing in college students and young white-collar workers, then they are the main force in online shopping. But from the beginning of 2012, Ali did not mention singles, don’t even say online shopping, but universal shopping carnival. This is because the elderly, children are also involved in the combination of online and offline selling. From single to universal, from Online to Offline, is a major consumer of incremental double eleven.

a Taobao products boss once told the author, his aunt works in a clothing store in Tongjiang County, this time last year the store monthly sales of millions of yuan, now a month 60000 yuan, many people go to the mall to buy online and then fitting. This case shows that consumers in a second tier cities have been accustomed to online shopping, which is a huge group, they will support eleven years of growth for many years.

next year, double the eleven increment in the attention of each year, the theme of double – eleven, you will see the outbreak of the next year. Ariti wireless last year, this year, the outbreak of wireless. This year, Ali hit the international brand, not surprisingly, next year will see the news from around the world, perhaps double eleven big screen Ali’s headquarters in Hangzhou, will engage in a global ranking of national consumption.

for the electricity supplier, on the one hand, globalization draw foreigners new consumption, on the other hand is Chinese more overseas choice of goods, clothing is no longer a year Home Furnishing a few old faces, which will further stimulate the inherent consumer groups to.

two years ago, eleven, is JACK&JONES, the whole family, such as clothing companies to play a leading role. Last year millet plus +

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