From it to enter the distribution of shepherd entrepreneurial journey

emerging e-commerce industry has had many legends, those entrepreneurs who have unknown with diligence and hard work and achievements in their wonderful life. Li Jinlong from Xiamen is one of the outstanding representatives, he in a short span of five years from the start empty-handed grew to have dozens of distributors mall sellers, it is many times by the provincial and municipal TV stations, newspapers, as many network learning model.

dare to try — college graduates start empty-handed

in 2005, just graduated from the University of Li Jinlong is very optimistic about the online shopping industry was in the initial stage, then yourself alone, the Internet opened a shop business, cheap handbags. At first, he was the same with most online entrepreneurs, all things are a person to do: with a camera to take pictures of their own goods, their purchase…… His shepherd mall grew up in the process.

at that time, the shop is not recognized by most people, and even some people think it is unrealistic fantasy. A graduate student, he is not out of the ordinary talent, not enough money, the more is a fledgling industry, what he made such a big success? The simplest one is, he has more courage than others to try a new thing.

persistence – "others can do, why can’t I?"

but his entrepreneurial path is not smooth, because at that time for online shopping, most people still have doubts, he often shop even if someone visit, No one shows any interest in, the turnover rate is low and poor. Faced with such a dilemma, Li Jinlong had thought of giving up. But did he see peer did he ask yourself: full of sound and colour, others can do, why I do not


finally, he stuck to it. And his shop also because of his persistence and gradually on the right track. After several years of unremitting efforts, his shop scale continues to expand, not only has its own business team, but also registered its own brand apparel trademark. Is an enterprise of Guangdong specifically for the OEM products, matched with the shop shops opened prosperously.

looking back on the history of entrepreneurship, Li Jinlong marvel, if I choose to give up, it is impossible to achieve success today. In fact, early start and now many difficulties can hardly be avoided, the network shop failed, mostly because of not able to persevere perseverance.

Li Jinlong said his shop this five years of development is actually a microcosm of the rapid development of China’s e-commerce industry. He said: "five years ago, the shop I clicked on only a dozen, has now reached more than thousand; early just to sell more than ten dollars, now say the shoes it sold four hundred or five hundred dollars, sales are still very good. Mainly because people’s consumption level has improved, the recognition of online shopping has also increased."

clear goals – the current focus is on network distribution


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