Dangdang who is injured in the end who is free ebook


dangdang.com in the major electricity supplier has been silent? NO, April 17th, dangdang.com is playing more than hand hard, more than the eye, not afraid, afraid to grab, e-books, full 0 yuan, only 3 days." In addition to a small number of instruments, other e-books are free to download gimmicks. Dangdang this initiative, the news that netizens are crazy to buy, download. Many netizens praised in micro-blog, however, behind the carnival attitude, but it is worth more people think, in the end who benefit, who hurt it?.

who was injured: publisher and author

the dangdang.com promotional activities, due to a wide range of promotional printed books, there are a number of best-selling books, such as: "Lao She’s complete works", "Jobs" such a masterpiece, just three days to get a lot of attention of users. These books are free to download the audience, which directly affects the interests of publishers and authors. For Dangdang e-book free download news, the press did not get the message in advance, Dangdang did not discuss with everyone, which led to Dangdang seriously affected the reputation of the industry. Not only that, other e-book retailers have also been hit hard, because of the huge number of free e-books, many users will choose Dangdang, rather than choose the e-book retailer.

who profit: Dangdang and user

later, Dangdang PR senior director Guo He said, before taking a promotional campaign and the press have certain communication activities, the purpose is to let more users to read books, reading books, reading the full name advocate new trend. Free download ebook is on people’s appetite, in addition to dangdang.com promotional activities of the marketing force a whoop and a holler, gradually expanded, coupled with the widespread concern of the industry, the invisible again for publicity, and more and more extensive efforts. Although the decline in the reputation of the industry, but a short period of time to increase the degree of concern in a short time, the audience in the audience has not been affected.

for the user, is undoubtedly Kinoue Kaki, Le Le le. Dangdang three promotional activities, which have a large number of masterpieces, many users favorite books are free to download and read, so that they are more convenient and fast. Not only that, in this case, another home appliance business Jingdong mall war, micro-blog declared the world has rushed to the line on the 50 thousand: Ebook Free Download for users. This will undoubtedly bring benefits to users, allowing users to make more choices, so that more users can download their favorite information and books.

source: useless nets http://s.wuweiwang.cn/, author: Yang Nanqiang, reprint please indicate.

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