The electricity supplier sellers sell good want to live easy micro broadcast said the three red net

seller what red net sellers live best? – broadcast easy to analyze hundreds of successful cases and easy micro broadcast platform sellers actively search for the highest heat red net data, found that there are three types of red net is more suitable for electricity providers to help sellers live:

is the first celebrity star, born with a flow aura

the seller and micro broadcast easy contact process, celebrity stars become the most commonly mentioned resources. Born with a flow aura, become the electricity supplier sellers preferred to live.

in the micro broadcast platform, celebrity star large search heat ranking has been far ahead. Especially, Liu Yan, Du Haitao and other stars Joker account repeatedly ask the seller and search. Strong fan cover group, fans and celebrity can often bring hot start, live quickly popular gather and influence endorsement bring good conversion.

is proud that today’s most famous star’s first live / media orders, are easy to get from the micro broadcast.

second category is IP net red, vertical KOL, with a hardcore fan group

in micro-blog, WeChat has a large number of fans and fans of IP net red, vertical KOL become the seller’s actual use of the most red type. The actual implementation of live, vertical, professional network is the best choice to support the effect of red.

in the micro broadcast easier to just announced during the period of September to the national day ask the seller for a maximum of 50 in the account, the vertical specialization, KOL and IP occupy half of the country red.

third is a good service, is willing to cooperate with the seller’s talent network planning red

in the case of high conversion of sellers, the talent network also occupy a large proportion of red. Compared to IP net red, vertical KOL is not so many fans, but the reason is that the winner can be matched with the seller carefully planned.

easy micro broadcast repeatedly recommended best sellers of red talent network broadcast, also often see: high quality service and good cooperation is their biggest advantage, willing to spend more time to understand the sellers of products and services, carefully with the seller’s live planning, therefore also can obtain the diffusion and transformation effect is very good. For the first time to try live, limited electricity supplier for the seller, it is a good choice.

days ago, micro broadcast Yi has officially launched the double 11 plan ability, with 30 thousand + all kinds of high-quality broadcast network red (especially the three broadcast network red resources) and 800 thousand from the media resources, and the "red net Master supipes" and "popular network red special guide" and "all social media detonated three products plan to help the seller direct sellers, detonated 11. Tel: 400-0928-000

three high quality red power network broadcast sellers, hurry to about


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