Complex procurement procedures make cross border electricity providers frequently suspected of selli


source: interface Author: Song Jianan

homes, buy overseas high-quality goods at reasonable price, this is an important reason many people choose to try cross-border shopping. But continue to be exposed to the "fake" news, but just let in cross-border business to reap the benefits of electricity providers have a headache.

in August this year, consumers in the micro-blog questioned the vertical electricity supplier honey bud net selling fake news sparked public concern. The consumers claim that there are many inconsistencies in Japan Betta gem series glass bottle with the Japanese Betta website of the purchase of the same type bottle, for example, the lack of stroke digital label production company, so different. Subsequently, the honey bud for the online release of true and false products contrast to respond quickly to the article, saying that its sales of Betta bottles are authentic.

this is not the first time questioned the company selling.


honey bud was founded in February 2014, has been traced to the Maclaren Quest children’s cart, Kao diapers suspected the existence of fake goods. While selling reasons come from the dealer’s qualification and licensing issues.

in accordance with the introduction of honey bud, the company in cross-border procurement, mainly to take three cooperation. The first is a direct cooperation with the brand side, that is, from the procurement of manufacturers; the second is from the brand side of the agents or wholesalers purchase; the third is from the middle of the buyer. Because some agents or wholesalers do not support export business, such as Kao diapers, so honey bud only from the purchasing trader.

the above three ways to shorten the cross-border supply chain as the starting point, so that the goods arrive in the hands of consumers in the shortest possible time. Even so, there will still be some cross-border goods from overseas to domestic problems in time. "The easiest thing to do in these areas is the replacement of goods in transit, because the security of many foreign goods can not be tracked in long-distance transport." Honey bud cross-border electricity supplier official told the interface news reporter.

but from the consumer complaints results, resulting in "the fundamental reason there does not seem to be a fake honey bud refers to the transit" switch ", but supply dealers or traders for honey bud.

honey bud sales in Japan are suspected of selling fake Kao diapers for example, consumers questioned is the basis of Japan Kao did not recognize the authorized for sale in the market China honey bud; in addition, honey bud partners do not have direct sales of imported Kao diapers qualification. After the investigation found that the honey, the company does exist above the cooperation of the factory illegal shipments.

honey bud said in interface news interview with reporters, the so-called "illegal factory ship", refers to a factory brand authorization processing materials, but not authorized by the brand, through other channels directly.

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