Xxsy money to buy back to com by Kaixin domain domain name a stimulus

kaixin001.com is happy net Thousand Oaks hit a waist in the domain name, caused many companies to pay attention to their domain name. The third major domestic novel website Xiaoxiang College (xxsy.net) will also be included in xxsy.com’s own com, seen from the domain name, has been jump. Domain owner is also modified to net all


is said to have spent 110 thousand years on this domain. The top 500 domestic websites, there are 100 COM domain name is not in their own hands, including before the most famous industrial and Commercial Bank of icbc.com.cn paycenter.com.cn agent platform new network has been successfully switched to xinnet.com com hit their own domain name, and the largest bus site 8684.cn is trying to buy 8684.com.

Kaixin door to the domestic well-known sites and the future development of the site to focus on the development of a wake-up call, your com in your hands?

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