UnionPay bank and third party payment War Within Three Kingdoms

recently introduced a tough UnionPay payment by the third party payment management approach, or even specify the payment business integration of online and offline schedule: "before December 31, 2013, the completion of a comprehensive non gold sector (mainly the" third party payment ") line UnionPay card transactions transfer, unified send UnionPay transfer"; "July 1, 2014 before the implementation of non gold Internet access UnionPay UnionPay card transactions total". To be in 2014 before the third party payment channels into the liquidation of the Bank of the channel, it can be said that the market is caused by a burst of suspicion of the.

as the only domestic bank card clearing organization, China UnionPay acquiring and clearing intermediary monopoly in the occupied line, why this is so tense? Hidden behind what kind of consideration?

said China payment market

In the China

payment system, divided into two online and offline, online payment is the third party payment, such as Alipay, caifutong, UnionPay online, fast money, which Alipay occupy the absolute advantage, in the proportion of 45 to 50%, caifutong in about 20%, while the proportion of silver contact very small, probably less than 10%; the payment of the next line is the traditional cash flow payment channels, for issuers, acquirers (acquirers) and clearing institutions, bank card issuers, acquirers can be a bank, the third party payment and UnionPay business (UnionPay’s third party payment platform) but, only a UnionPay clearing agency.

can be seen, UnionPay online payment channels in the stability of the collection fee is not competitive into revenue. It is also a clearing agency, but also can use their own business card business POS machine, become a single agency, receive a single market revenue.

theory, UnionPay cross industry chain not only greatly, including acquiring and clearing link, and high income, why the other third party payment line acquiring business that dogged, insisted on the integration of brood on? – essentially, the line of the third party payment service. Remove the POS cup and the bank’s business, the rest by the other third party payment license laying of acquiring POS machines together accounted for only 10 percent of the level, such as payment communications, Germany, etc. chinapnr sweater. Why UnionPay

can scarcely wait?

cup provoke war reason:

1, the rapid development of online payment, Alipay, caifutong and three party payment institutions online access to a large data flow and cash flow transactions, both of which add up to about 70% of the online market share. While online, due to the presence of convenient payment, without binding clearing intermediary, UnionPay couldn’t get, mostly direct docking between the third party payment and bank, or fast payment, the efficiency of information flow is very high. The prospect of online business development after the broad, in recent years the growth rate has been about more than 100%, UnionPay inevitably depressed. Therefore, low-key to the line of business in Alipay and other institutions, the laying of POS machine, >

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