How to change the flow of enterprise website sales

in the era of e-commerce, many companies are also looking forward to the development of network marketing. So whether it is a search engine or B2B website pay promotion or search engine optimization professional, enterprise website to start a new zhuluzhongyuan. The so-called "popularity is business", in site traffic, a lot of enterprises have to grab the opportunity, but it can really achieve sales promotion rarely, many companies are worried for this. Therefore, how to get the flow at the same time the most likely to translate into sales? I think at least should do the following:

first, the layout of the site. Web site layout must be clear, to make it easy for users to find what they want, such as company introduction, contact information, qualification certificates, product catalogs, etc.. I went to a lot of enterprise website, found that the column is very confusing, looking for things can not find, do not pay attention to things and always appear in front of. After a few minutes can only be added on. So, if the company wants to let customers buy things, be sure to let customers find what they want.

second, product image processing and description. Many companies are free to shoot pictures of the product directly to the Internet, it looks very rough, not a little attractive. In addition, the description of the product is only a title, the specific product information is not written. Just imagine, if you are a customer, find the product is not attractive, and no detailed description, you will keep going? So, the enterprise website must stand in the perspective of customers to improve their product photos and descriptions.

third, to always maintain a customer service online to answer customer questions. Although many enterprises have a website "online consultation" function, but no one reply is nine in ten. No customer service reply two issues: one is the potential adverse customer questions to advice, but is answered, two will allow customers to have a feeling of distrust, feel the company is not bankrupt? If so, until today, your business website is not online, I want to ask is how many customers you want to miss


enterprise website for Internet marketing, I think there are a lot of factors, but I think that if even the most basic of the three are not ready, how to talk more? (article: by administrator


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