How to make the enterprise smooth and efficient operation of the entrepreneur’s 7 guidelines

in the pharmaceutical industry has spread such a famous saying, do not hurt others always put the first place, and in the enterprise management, the same applies to this sentence. The first task of enterprise management is to be responsible for users, employees and shareholders, and the second is to promote the development of enterprises. The operation of a company is the need of wisdom, entrepreneurial concept and execution can not only guide enterprises to enter the sound track of development, but also can stimulate greater creativity, especially for those who are in the early planning and operation of the enterprise, it is crucial.

on how to make the enterprise smooth and efficient operation, we provide 7 guidelines (most of the time, entrepreneurs in the management of enterprise is in skiing, so we use some ski terminology):

1, the knee ski method to prevent falling

in the downhill, the skier’s center of gravity genuflection to reduce, which allows the state to keep sliding, can flexibly change the skiing posture; on the contrary, when your legs stiff, is almost certain to fall. For business operations, the same is the case.

of large companies that is already on the right track, keep the inherent model is feasible to deal with the problem, because this kind of enterprises have established development standards necessary to complete the process operation, daily operation rarely change, too. At the same time, the standard mode of operation has proved to be successful, people also willing to comply with and execute it.

By contrast, some of the new

companies should always be vigilant, ready to change the mode to adapt to market demand, the only way to better control the market. Entrepreneurs should use this principle as a guide, because it is a prerequisite for efficient operation of enterprises.

2, learn wrestling skills

let’s go on to ski, and the first lesson is to learn how to wrestle when the instructor provides the teaching for the beginner. Why? Because for skiers, fall is an excellent skier homely food, but know how to protect themselves, how to stand up again.

successful entrepreneurs are mostly experienced a variety of failures, and constantly learn from experience to improve themselves, face setbacks, seize the opportunity to achieve the ultimate victory. Even the best decision makers may fail, but only practice can appreciate the taste of failure, but failure does not mean the end of the world, summarize the reasons for failure to adjust the strategy, re start is the right way, which is why investors are willing to lose those subjected to negligence stood up again the enterprise.

3, frankly accept the "little"

a lot of ideas have been nipped in the cradle, because policymakers are too cautious, afraid of failure. Many entrepreneurs in the face of the problem to choose a conservative scheme, they have their reason, "like in the solution of a known condition of the equation, we do not

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