Micro business agent model does not fly

I do not know since when, a circle of friends in a group of friends to promote the sale of goods, it is said that they are now quite popular micro business. Micro business is essentially a social media marketing retailers, social media, including WeChat, micro-blog, space, such as the site". This group is divided into two modes of operation: one is the development of agency model, the other is the brand direct mode.

compared with the development of brand proxy mode, direct mode can be said to represent the direction of micro business development, because of the brand endorsement, consumer trust; two is to do social marketing, will make the sales information more accurately convey to the circle of friends.


proxy mode is relatively complex, in February this year, some people from the media exposed people with micro business to engage in marketing. March, the circle of friends, someone sent a message that he has a micro business training group, sweep the two-dimensional code can be added. As a front-line electricity supplier reporter, in order to experience, I also added the group experience a.

experience agency training


group is more than and 100 people, while people brush facial expressions, red envelopes have been very active in the evening, the main group invited a senior trainer talk of micro business, trainer to sent 5 yuan red envelope, divided into 20, people berserk, grab ", did not grab the" shed tears of gratitude. "Screaming in pain".

training started, the general content is to teach you how to send promotional information in the circle of friends is not hated, in speech training, occasionally on braille. Some people threw a red train every ten or twenty minutes, is still 5~10 yuan, so the atmosphere and active, a training for 40 minutes, the training has been a topic of how to find the value of a friend in the circle of friends, how to send advertisements distasteful.

the end of the "official" training, there is a man, should be as brands speak, the first argument is that women should be independent in economy, their own money, and then talk about how to be independent? This guy then said: "micro business." For example, he said, a certain place of a woman, is a full-time housewife, do their products micro agent, now has a monthly income of 800 thousand yuan. As for the success of the lady did not appear in the group, unknown.

at this time, there is a pause, someone suddenly threw a red envelope, red envelopes wrote: so wonderful to share, thank you so. The brands then asked: "you want to be like her?" I looked at the group of friends of the information, a large proportion of female visual. Many people expressed admiration and longing, eager…… Brands with their products, some bedding, a set of 300 yuan, not too much to introduce the characteristics of the product, directly tell you: today to half off price for a group of friends to benefit, and to order 100 sets is several fold, set to 150 sets is several fold…… So so.

is the last free time, we actively play red envelopes solitaire game, a contract, by the last round of the best luck has been circulating, constantly brush face…… >

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