New Zealand milk powder recovery purchasing price considering direct mail business


New Zealand illegal purchasing milk business "weaning" after nearly 2 months, New Zealand milk resumed direct mail business, the premise is milk exporters must to the New Zealand Department of primary industries (MPI) for qualification. Due to the addition of some of the cost of spending, part of the milk purchasing agent said that considering the purchase price of milk powder.

yesterday, Beijing engaged in a New Zealand infant formula purchasing Mr. Chen (a pseudonym) told the "First Financial Daily", about a week ago, already can get direct mail milk from New Zealand, but New Zealand local milk exporters must MPI record, go regular channel to export. "Subject to the management costs, and to go through the formal procedures, purchasing parts of New Zealand infant milk powder has raised the price." However, Mr. Chen refused to disclose the specific situation of its purchasing milk powder brands and prices.

, however, the reporter saw a number of New Zealand from the purchase of the site, part of the original milk from New Zealand has been rising prices. For example, the original price of more than 300 yuan Karicare goat milk powder, in some Taobao shop has risen to $415 / barrel, while the original 1000 yuan a box of Karicare milk powder, and now has risen to $1300. The purchasing of milk dealers Chen told reporters: "after the New Zealand exporters to MPI Department filing, all the goods to go formal export channels, need to pay a tariff, which is why milk prices." However, there are some buyers said that because of fierce competition, the recent price increases will be cautious. There are purchasing agents to reporters, said: now the foreign milk powder in the domestic market advantage, any changes in the market may become the reason for the price increase, does not rule out some exporters take the opportunity to price."

dairy experts Wang Dingmian said that in recent years, China’s imports of New Zealand milk powder showed an upward trend year by year. According to the China New Zealand Free Trade Agreement in 2008, 10 years, China’s imports of dairy products from New Zealand tariffs fell year by year. However, when the amount of imports of agricultural products is more than the current year limit, our country can implement special safeguard measures through the way of additional tariffs. Wang Dingmian said that as early as February this year, China’s imports of milk powder imports from New Zealand has exceeded the amount of this year’s 115473 tons of special safeguard measures trigger standards. This also means that since the beginning of February this year, imports of raw milk from New Zealand tariffs will rise from the current 5.8% to 10%. New Zealand milk powder, such as access to the Chinese market to enter the formal channels, the cost will certainly have pressure.

, however, for the price of New Zealand milk rose, consumers said calm". Yesterday, a consumer who did the mother told reporters: infant milk powder can not be easily replaced, so even if prices go up, will continue to buy the same brand. But because of the formal channels, everything in the sun, so the quality is more assured."

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