The joint venture bdbl website excellent shopping network debut at the beginning of July officially


bdbl joint venture website excellent shopping network debut (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Le Tian) June 20th news, bdbl joint venture B2C website excellent shopping network unveiled today, as the "buy shoes", which means not only the field of footwear B2C will usher in a heavyweight opponent, also means that the excellent shopping network, and peers will buy good music Amoy direct challenge.

currently has the excellent shopping network can access the site, including the flagship brand sports brand Nike, in addition to Adidas, PUMA, BATA, WEST, NINE also includes BELLE had not been large-scale in the online sale of brand shoes. Now excellent purchase network is still in the testing phase, will be officially unveiled in July 1st.

it is understood that BELLE early in 2008 was the layout of electronic commerce, and launched its e-commerce website Amoy web, however, BELLE released March results, the Chinese occupy the largest market share of brand sales in 2010 reached 23 billion 706 million yuan, while its e-commerce sites show Amoy net sales in 2010 only 100 million yuan.

The Baidu

and BELLE B2C will establish a joint venture brand, main footwear and clothing, and invited the former vice president Xu Lei as head of the Jingdong. Xu Lei has confirmed to join bdbl venture in the Tencent and connection technology, but said the company and the project has not been officially confirmed, not easy to do too much attitude.

is also due to BELLE Adidas and Nike and other brands of the agents, the industry is worried that will lead directly to other big shoe B2C BELLE, Nike, Adidas and other brands can be sold, and the online shoe good music to buy, Le Amoy hit.

this, good music to buy CEO Li Shubin said, China footwear market total size of about 400 billion, the Internet market accounted for only 2% of them, B2C shoe companies there is a great development space, do not appear to compete each other. At present, there is also a good music to buy cooperation with BELLE, perhaps with the development of BELLE online projects, BELLE only online sales of the brand can also be sold online, and even for good music to buy agent sales.

Le Amoy vice president Chen Hu pointed out that China shoes B2C market is large enough, Le Amoy now ten thousand single day, if one day you can do 100 thousand single fight hand to hand with are currently, each doing business. Chen Hu also pointed out that BELLE is just one of the many channels, even if there are other options to stop the supply of music Amoy, do not worry about BELLE shoes source blockade.

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