Advertising circle of friends for the first time to pay the electricity supplier only product aegyo

[Reuters] news billion state power in April 21st, after BMW, Coca-Cola, vivo and other mobile phone brands, has also joined the ranks of WeChat circle of friends. And several times before the circle of friends advertising,’s advertising has also been widespread concern, and even some users complain that they did not see the wonderful phenomenon of advertising. is the first to put a circle of friends advertising electricity supplier, its advertising form is also different. Billion state power network noted that ads joined the purchase link, consumers can directly click on the ads into the online shopping page.

is reported that the purchase of’s landing page by WeChat third party service providers have to accept. also tried there has always been good at social Gameplay: spoiled payment. That is, users can choose their favorite products, click I want to share with the circle of friends, invite friends to pay for WeChat.

it is understood that the event, shelves Macaron, immortal flower, perfume and other women’s products, suitable for men to buy as a gift. publicly available data show that in the 7 seconds after the ad, the event of a Mercedes Benz Smart was bought. As of now, billion state power network noted that page price of nearly 20 thousand yuan Dior bag has been robbed.

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