Jingdong involving false propaganda checked Children’s mosquito marked slightly toxic non toxic

reporter yesterday from Haidian industrial and commercial bureau was informed that the Jingdong online mall sales of "Golden Shield" brand baby mosquito liquid, will be slightly toxic products labeled as non-toxic, is a criminal investigation on suspicion of false propaganda. Industrial and commercial personnel said that in addition to Jingdong, other large electricity supplier also exists such a problem, the business sector will be carried out in the near future to focus on remediation.

according to the Haidian industrial and commercial bureau after inspection bureau responsible person, in June this year received a telephone report, said the Jingdong owned "Golden Shield" brand of baby mosquito liquid suspected of false propaganda. Business sector survey found that from April this year, the Jingdong on its website the way to self selling "Golden Shield" brand baby mosquito liquid (item No. 409047), at the same time on the purchase page of the product promotion of the "100% no stimulation, no breathable, healthy baby breath", "professional, environmentally friendly, non-toxic for infants the side effects" etc.. In accordance with the provisions of the Golden Shield baby mosquito liquid should be labeled slightly toxic, rather than non-toxic".

after being investigated, Jingdong has been put on the shelf with the logo of the product, the new logo is currently being printed. Industrial and commercial personnel said that the Jingdong has recently served the administrative punishment hearing the book, intended to be in the name of false propaganda on the punishment of the Jingdong, the amount of punishment in the following 10 thousand yuan more than 200 thousand. (reporter Yuan Guoli)

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