Many users love donation earthquake relief domain has played a huge role

in the last six months in China than in the past ten years, and most of the things from the outside is bad. But I was really surprised to Chinese patience and solidarity, Our wills unite like a fortress. style. Look all the hardships instead of crushed Chinese, and makes us more clear understanding of the world and China, distinguish between friend and foe. In the face of Tibet, Xinjiang, Taiwan, in the face of the worst natural disasters, "the lion has to wake up, perhaps even trot forward".

in the domain name of this quiet and peaceful place appears to be a moving story. Liaocheng Jindun donated, CCTV has been used for seismic thematic (in the national day of mourning or even replace the CCTV website; domain name city boss " ugly eight strange " "" donated; in support of the Red Cross ( China. Others donate a lot of domain names, you can refer to: Action_viewnews_itemid_15684.html

the Olympic Games is coming, the post disaster reconstruction task is still very arduous, sincerely hope that our motherland can smoothly through the difficulties and continue to progress.

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