Blind and multiple development open network business opportunities

I am a visually impaired, in 2006 graduated from the Qiming school for the blind, with a momentum, there is no business experience to the provincial capital, because my specialty is massage, so in Xinzhuang opened a small studio.

in this unfamiliar city, with no experience of the network of college students entrepreneurial young people, really hard, after the opening, in order to let more people know us, we are trying to publicize everywhere and stall, started early in the morning often run in the park, Xinzhuang bridge, near the plate are running over but every time early in the morning to the park, only to see a bunch of sports, from the early morning booth placed more than eight points, or are not what people to massage. Again, I also run the night market, but because it often rains, so the night market, fewer people, fewer people massage.

from the park and the night market experience, let me realize that early in the morning went to the park, just want to do not want to exercise, massage, and even to the night market, business is difficult to do, always waiting for long and boring… After a few months, I decided to give up and try another way.

know now is the age of Internet, so from the network, we launched a wave of free massage promotion activities, from then on, slowly build some fixed guests from the free guests.

from here I got a result, "it is more blessed! I don’t care about the time is always willing to come to the guests massage, so there is more guests are willing to give us a positive evaluation on the network, but I also know that the network must have the business, must be positive evaluation so we want more. Business two years ago, has been in the promotion of free massage, want to let everyone feel our service, I think it will be more effective than a lot of money to advertise.

now popular way to buy the network, we also rely on the rapid accumulation of tourists last year to buy. However, whether it is a free group purchase promotion, etc., are just a marketing gimmick, for me, "friendly service" and "heart" and "attitude" is the value of the technology I keep the guests the only proper course to take.

my massage, and in the online auction of almond tea and coffee almond, will want to sell, because in that period I everywhere stalls of massage, a few weeks will go to the flower market stall, when faced with a pool of selling almond coffee, it is very good to drink, you can ask the boss on the horse let me look at the sale on the Internet, and the boss is just the product of the agents, he is also very readily agreed.

I hold try attitude on Internet sales started, but several weeks have no business, then thought I used the way to sell, is free big run, so in the network posted a free almond message, including blog, BBS, and get hundreds of people by letter, although later return not a lot, but.

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