Tmall shop biased liar merchant shiago men’s flagship store huge amount of fraud


complaint content:


a fake nest, Tmall shiago shop men’s flagship store to twelve red sales, free trial received a full refund, and out of the shop and proof of registration instructions and so on to do that, but in December 31, 2014 the store shelves, taking home telephone contact, and even false information provided component. Contact Tmall customer service actually said the shop did not have any problems, is a serious business, can not deal with the sale can only contact business negotiations. With the emergence of a large number of victims, only to find the liar is actually premeditated, alarm processing up to now has been more than 2 months, crooks have been caught, but not the case. Tmall customer service is still a word they are not qualified to deal with this matter, and then is not already in the reaction, so continue to wait.

now I want to complain about Tmall whole platform, as Tmall, as an online shopping platform, Tmall is in a rigorous and strict requirement of famous, but now it seems, Tmall has become a liar nest, as long as the businessman to give money, cheater can run amok, unscrupulous in Tmall can deceive consumers. Now the swindler had caught the police, according to a word said, cheat money has been spent most of the victims back to cheat, the money seems to be in sight. Here, I just want to know, it is through the Tmall platform cheated, Tmall is a responsibility? Tmall introduced the high standard requirement is just a piece of paper talk? Is it just the trick in the consumers in the Tmall consumer, they get a beauty from the pump into the outer packing?

According to

, want to punish judicial liar businesses, seriously deal with Tmall’s name for the activities of the merchants are serious liar shop, Qing Su liar, don’t let Tmall really become a liar wo.

Tmall was returned to cheat merchants to confirm the receipt of the full amount of fraud, liar fraud amount Tmall has the responsibility to return the victims!!!!!!!