Oversold trouble double 11 Carnival has never come

Information Times News (reporter Huang Yan) – 11 to buy things now before delivery? Do you think is the list of the backlog of business busy, but the fact is "oversold" to blame. It is understood that the double 11 day Tmall brand flagship store, UNIQLO ochirly appears oversold phenomenon, although businesses and Tmall have said a refund and add some compensation, but the toss has failed to start right baby, users are still dissatisfied.

online shopping are Tucao: stay up seconds single, was informed of "oversold"

Tmall double 11 online shopping Carnival after many consumers hope stars hope the moon, don’t want to wait until the "spoils of war", but to the "oversold SMS notification". The so-called "oversold", is when the goods have been sold to the same time, there are still many buyers take the goods, but the network system is not timely response caused by the shortage of state, customers will still be able to take the goods, in fact, businesses have been unable to provide the goods out of stock.

reporter learned that, during the double 11 UNIQLO, ochirly major brands such as Tmall’s flagship store in the mall, there are "oversold" goods than the actual inventory of goods, not replenishment under still can not be shipped by. In this regard, "oversold" expressed dissatisfaction with the victims, "I have to stay up late in front of the computer, finally I want to brush clothes. Waiting for the shipment until the flowers faded, but was told that no goods". In micro-blog, many users reflect their purchase, and other brands of ochirly UNIQLO clothing appears oversold condition.


micro-blog @HLY users who said, "double 11 easy to steal things in the ‘oversold’, can only apply for a refund, Tmall compensation points for me, but I still want the clothes, I do not sleep at night, to refresh the stolen clothes." A lot of online shopping are still entangled in the failed to buy clothes in Guangzhou, Mr. Wang also said that his stay at UNIQLO Tmall flagship store to buy clothes, he bought it for two days and was told that the double 11 big promotion period. Because Tmall vulnerabilities "oversold", can not be shipped. @yoyo told reporters that he double 11 fold in jeans UNIQLO taken after payment of 149.5 yuan, also confirmed that the "oversold", his coming to the morning, payment for a long time to succeed, would have happily thought he successfully grab "bargain", did not think of the past more than and 10 days still did not buy into, he said this was "Speechless". Although you can refund, but he was entangled in the missed jeans.

merchant remedy: a refund, and delivery envelopes

According to

, the reporter saw the "oversold", all businesses have issued a notice. UNIQLO (UNIQLO) in the Tmall flagship store page issued a "double 11 oversold" problem of the announcement, announcement that the huge traffic and Tmall double 11 day, the official website part of the system at the same time, the order of the oversold; oversold condition not timely in the system of consumer and UNIQLO (UNIQLO a >)

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