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whether it is the buyer’s information, or the seller’s information, or industry knowledge, community communication, whether the user to create their own, or the site staff their entry. A purpose must be to ensure that a lot of original content, extract is a must, but the original is the direction. Only in this way the website will been high-end image in the face of users and customers; only in this way, the search engine will be the site of the level, included increased, more long tail keywords ranking; only in this way, the search engine will bring a large number of new users to the site, the new user will visit your site as a habit, not regular or visit regularly, feel more professional content, can be found in other sites can not find here the more strong industry atmosphere. We should from those angles, so that the original content of the site to increase it? From the following aspects of the Edit Guide, website construction to explain in detail.

1 to release rich, genuine original content of the actual benefits of

business information, such as: the supply of information, information processing, wholesale information, business information and business opportunities, in an important position, prompting the user content more detailed, more rich content, more real more favored by buyers, buyers are more likely to get the inquiry, and received more orders, users consciously the release of detailed contents, editing norms; at the same time when the user releases the information, also can prompt the user, the release of information is not rich enough and true, will not easily through the audit site, also do not recommend the content, but can not get the favor of buyers, because buyers want to see more detailed product information, select really suitable for their products. Let them know that the original release, information rich information is profitable, then the user is bound to release most of the information is original.

website editor, personal or business release of industry information, blog posts, posts, pictures and other information industry, will recommend the original content, to guide the user on the site a number of places to publish original content, edit to publish original guide information will be recommended to the atmosphere, such as: program recommendation, recommendation, and total project to recommend the content of the original, each recommendation to send a private message to the user, the user will see a long time, the editor will not recommend he reproduced the content, can only recommend the content of the original, more valuable content. This atmosphere is formed, because more opportunities to show him, they will be able to get a return, whether it is to promote the promotion of products or services, or individuals to show themselves, to find a better job, etc.. To allow users to contribute their knowledge, in order to better display their own, to promote their own, so that they become famous, so that everyone has become a contributor to the original information, the original content will naturally be a lot. The site only need to establish a set of models, the establishment of a platform.

2 set personalized parameters, guide the release of detailed, original business opportunities, get more buyers favor