UNQLO O2O case line for the next line of service

line under the traditional retail is facing a huge challenge, apparel brands are in the past few years, the extensive growth of the bill, the pain is still high inventory. It is a special case, the next line store expansion trend, the number of new shop next to an increase of 30%; the online also test the water O2O, Tmall, App and other independent by way of its line service, and achieved very good results.

, O2O, UNIQLO will no doubt reduce or abandon the offline store, but will focus its tilt.

on the store "window effect" has been a lot of discussion, most of the electricity supplier will shatter the store, which has almost become a kind of thinking, coupled with some of the store chain giant down this year, the store seems more and more confused. It is not the same, almost act in a diametrically opposite way.

first said shop speed. According to my understanding of the situation, the expansion of next year is China UNIQLO store in full speed, the number of new shop to an increase of 30%, behind this part of the reason is that APP and O2O, UNIQLO, achieved good results. This is a typical case of mobile Internet will flatten the world. It stores mainly in a second tier city majority, and UNIQLO APP and Tmall flagship store users from all over the country, so there is a "first with APP, then shop" mentality.

UNIQLO through the APP promotion, let more and more users know their own brand, enhance the visibility, allowing more users to have a desire to look forward to their own city UNIQLO shop. At the same time, according to the user’s geographical location, daily activity and other related data, to provide the location of the shop and rhythm to control the decision-making reference.

say UNIQLO how to avoid double Bo, and enhance the competitiveness of the store. First of all, it realizes the online and offline price, so as to avoid the impact of the online channel, which seems to have become a O2O standard, not to talk; secondly, it will be through a variety of ways to attract users to store shopping, such as APP to provide location guidelines around the store, the online APP offer coupons two-dimensional code is specially designed, can only be used in the physical store to scan, to achieve from the line to the shop drainage; in addition, the discounted merchandise, UNIQLO adopted a "designated product segment + time segment" strategy. The so-called "product segment" mainly refers to the online and offline discounts are specified, and in somewhat different models. The so-called "time segment, a specified period of time discounting, and the staggering sort of way, the user can also miss the online discount, patiently waiting for the store along with the arrival of the discount period.

two APP, UNIQLO not heavy sales, installation of heavy volume and brand exposure, and actively promote the diversion to the next line store online.

rough understanding and calculation, in the domestic APP UNIQLO installed capacity should be around 3 million, according to the monthly users open at least one time.