Amazon sued false promotion department in charge of industry to strengthen supervision

2012, e-commerce in the country showing explosive growth, while bringing convenience to consumers at the same time, the phenomenon of infringement of the interests of consumers has become increasingly serious. The day before, Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center released the "2012 annual China e-commerce user experience and complaints monitoring report", monitoring data show that in 2012 the country e-commerce complaints about 93600, basically unchanged from the 2011 level.


report also announced the 2012 annual hot ten complaints online shopping website list are:, Tmall,, Kuba, Amazon China (hereinafter referred to as the "Amazon"), Gome online, QQ online shopping, easy fast network,, shop No. 1. And the "Economic Information Daily" reporters in the investigation of the association, "day 315" and three party data,, Jingdong mall [micro-blog] and other large domestic electricity supplier has also been consumer complaints more enterprises.

learned from the Beijing Chaoyang court reporters the day before, because online shopping watches is the electricity supplier to unilaterally cancel orders, Mr. Xia will Amazon consumers to court, asking them to continue to fulfill the obligations under the order, and an apology.

court material shows that in September 5, 2012, the famous business held new discount on Amazon watch the high minus 500 yuan promotional activities on its website, Mr. Xia obtained preferential encoding, the encoding at preferential prices to buy a EBOHR brand, seagull brand watches 3. Three days later, Mr. Xia received the mail, according to its website to buy three watches for not purchasing delivery, not for Mr. Xia delivery, and has cancelled the order in the Xia Xia, without the knowledge of the original order information deleted. A few days later, Mr. Xia found on the website of Amazon Co, its three watches are still on sale, but the price is much higher than its purchase price.

Xia believes that the sale contract between Amazon Co and has been established, Amazon Co unilaterally canceled orders and refused to fulfill the obligations of the delivery of a serious violation of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Amazon Co to lower prices to attract consumers, but in the absence of orders to cancel orders, to restore high prices, refused to deliver, but also contrary to the principle of good faith.

, the reporter also learned that, in order to unilaterally cancel Mr. Xia, Amason just as Mr. Xia "paid the $10 gift cards as compensation, and said, Amason agreed to the user agreement, only the website (the seller) confirmed after delivery, the contract will be established.

subsequently, the reporter consulted the association, "day 315" and three party investment platform, found in the Amazon 9· 5 promotional activities, there are more than 70 of consumers reflect met Amazon unilaterally terminate the orders, and finally only paid 10 yuan for the Amazon Gift Card solution dissatisfied. These consumers have also contacted the organization of the rights of the team, plans to sue the amazon. Ultimately, however, due to litigation costs