From zero flow to average daily 150UV Taobao novice scientific positioning of important significance

everything is difficult at the beginning, so do Taobao. The blue sea Amoy to share a simple novice operation case of Taobao, I hope you can get inspiration! The most core point is about the location, location decide life and death, every one want Taobao who have this knowledge, the first goal first, Taobao is positioning yourself. In this paper, the protagonist is also a novice seller, in April this year, Taobao, now a day to do twenty or thirty parcels, gradually found a sense of achievement. Here we go deep into her success!

1, novice confused, do not know what to do?

open Taobao is doing business, business involves the need to profit, investment, return, and so simple. But the vast majority of people ignore a problem. Before deciding to do Taobao, you will need to repeat the research data, is to analyze competitors to determine the competitive objectives.

because Taobao is not your last baby has a business, you need to be fully prepared.

at the beginning of the students want to do women’s clothing, because she was in Guangzhou, before the family is the opening of the mouth of the relatives, all natural to make women. But we should clearly recognize the point is that women are very competitive category, there are a lot of women’s market segments below, which identify a market segment is the most fundamental.

that time, the weather is getting hot, summer quietly arrived, we gave her advice is to do a specific type of women’s clothing. Finally do the summer chiffon shirt of middle-aged women in this market segment. To determine the specific products, the next step is to choose models, analysis of competitors, the choice of words.

this segment of the market competition is not big, most sellers sales are about 200–300, even thousands of sellers are rarely ranking, because their focus is not on these market segments, which also gave many opportunities.

this type of baby has a strong seasonal, and now has gradually entered the autumn and winter seasons, so the gradual decline in the index. But there is no basis for the new or the sellers, positioning in the market segments, to gradually enhance the experience level of their baby, in the process of practice, the success of the experiment will give the future progress and lay a solid foundation.

2, detailed diagnosis, stable baby operation

in July this year, we also discussed in detail the operation of the baby. Through 2 months of operation, the baby has been ranked very stable, and sales have gradually stabilized, with a small range of operations, baby and shop gradually to a better direction to turn. We intercepted some of the chat records to see.

this is the chat screenshot, we saved a part. Specific data we look at the following figure.

we can see from the first picture in detail, as long as half a month’s time inside the shop flow basically >