Shop No 1 staff lined up to leave WAL MART love well

Shop No. 1, founder and former chairman of Yu Gang and a former CEO Shop No. 1 Liu Junling turnover has been the past 3 months, after the departure of Yu Gang, Liu Junling has started a new journey of pharmaceutical business them — one drug network, a new turn but did not usher in the fate of the Shop No. 1.

today (September 28th), a person who has just started to leave the shop from 1 to Beijing Business Daily reporter said, now No. 1 is queuing to leave". A large number of employees to leave the shop 1, and former executives leave different, the departure of more than the middle of the manager or supervisor, involving human resources, No. 1 mall, buy, 3C and other departments.

in the industry view, the electricity supplier industry tends to be stable, the flow of talent is like three or four years ago is no longer so strong, is unlikely to be poached.

said the employee turnover, turnover in the development of the company after WAL-MART wholly owned, confused, and not much change business, the drainage means less money, though also made other categories, but the main super category can only increase the cost, there is no way to monetize traffic, has been losing money.

in this regard, the smell of the tiger to the store 1 aspects of the confirmation, the other said, only a small number of people to leave, belong to the normal flow of personnel". Although a few people, but at least acknowledge the loss of personnel, and rumor Shop No. 1 leaving tide is not out of thin air.

why 1 shop will usher in the resignation tide

, the boss has left, talking about corporate culture no one to listen to, as the number 1 shop staff said, the founder of the resignation of the butterfly effect. No matter what the company, as long as the founder of the outgoing, the corresponding negative energy will be amplified by multiple geometric. A typical example of August 2012, handle network founder Wu Bo to be leaving overhead after the handle IPO is blocked, the military chaos brings the loss of personnel, and then handle performance has plummeted, group purchase fell out of the first camp, until October 2014, but sold to private enterprises in Jiangsu handle sanpower group.

and just leave, behind also reflects the actual problems faced by shop 1,

1) shareholders of the founder of the capital was kidnapped prematurely

in 2008, has 50 year old Yu Gang and partner Liu Qiang mountain together to create Shop No. 1, choose from food and beverage, FMCG cut, and in the number of users and orders to achieve rapid growth. But the problem will soon be revealed, and food and beverage products with more than SKU, low customer price, sorting packaging, logistics costs and other issues, and the greater the loss of orders, the lower the price of a customer becomes a fatal injury.

loss can only rely on the external "blood transfusion" to continue, in May 2010, Shenzhen Ping with a price of 80 million yuan for the 1 store 80% of the shares, then No. 1 shop business less than 24 months, just returned to the occupation manager role. May 2011, WAL-MART shares 1 shop, accounting for 17>

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