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IDC reports: China circle in March 28th since the China Telecom and Netcom separation, north-south interconnection problems have affected the majority of Internet users experience on the Internet, but also seriously plagued the webmaster and Internet content and service providers. Repeated construction, port restrictions and other issues to make the use of the Internet environment and the evolution of the foundation so baffling. It can even be said that the emergence of this phenomenon is a major setback in China’s Internet, how to solve the increasingly serious problem of interconnection between the north and south, it has become an urgent need to address an important issue.

interoperability issues in the economically developed Southern China region is particularly prominent. Chinese IDC ring using high quality IDC service providers in Southern China – Maoming elite, a new generation of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shantou runxun Tianying are recommended. China IDC business circle will double the development of these companies, business scale, service quality and resources and the development of the five were given 20 points weight comprehensive score according to the survey, in order to give the user the best guide to IDC.

1, Maoming Heroes (

dual line service:

to build the model of intelligent routing network system to ensure that telecommunications link access users dedicated to telecommunications users, Netcom users link access Netcom went through the link, and the realization of the user terminal by single card dual access IP intelligent network. By the high quality core telecom equipment Qunying invests independently (CISCO 7600) and Telecommunications Netcom dual link redundant backup system. Can to ensure availability and reliability of the network and the backbone network! Telecom, Netcom directly connected, North and South really solve the interconnection problem Qunying many years of business and the Internet network IDC based on experience, flexible configuration in the double product design, to meet the different business types and different business, different stages of Internet business applications. The new product line Qunying network, not only through flexible configuration, with lower cost to solve the problem through the interconnection of North and south, and on-site operation and maintenance of professional services, make your business more efficient, lower cost business.

company size: 100 +

computer room resource: the direct interconnection of the internal links of the core room of Telecom Netcom, the bilateral computer room with the 20G bandwidth system.

service quality: "professional quality, grasp customer wholeheartedly" is the elite network adhering to the "customer first, service-oriented business philosophy. To the quality of service, professional technical service capabilities, professional customer service team to ensure customer service fast, efficient and safe operation, and the stability and development, realistic and innovative spirit, so that customers enjoy the latest achievements in the development of information technology at the same time to get the big gains.

development potential: Guangzhou branch is under construction, great potential for future development.

dual line service

business scale

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