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Admin5 recently on the war of words is quite much, just read the letter: < all grassroots webmaster in "pig fried nest > estimated Fengtai angry too, so extreme, the grassroots webmaster of the theory in this paper. Guess the same customers are also angry!

I’m going to talk about my point of view. Want to give you a solution gas, the solution can not take I scolded.

first, I don’t think webmaster webmaster grassroots quality under the only comment, boo scold language than the voice of reason, then the root causes of the phenomenon called off what is it? I think this place is the root comment system, unreasonable system, it will produce no reason sound.

why do you say that?

when an environment is in a state of disorder, it may be chaos, the phenomenon of the webmaster network is in such a situation. We think, in the webmaster online anonymously can comment, so you can comment on what you want to say what, so in this case, true words are few, most people don’t want to think, in a few moments, boo scold language came out. In the unconstrained state, many people believe that the curse words are angry words, is impulsive, without a brain nonsense, and not the real idea.

therefore according to scold the phenomenon to determine the overall quality of grassroots webmaster, at least I think too one-sided. So at this point above figure Wang, straw and webmaster network team, it is worth reflection.

I’m trying to analyze some of the names of those who might have so many types of people:

is the first point of view incompatibility subjective views of each article are more or less with the author, everyone could not have asked for their views are the same, since different point of view, then the collision, swear not responsible, it had to abandon the curse.

second boring follower watch others scold lively, is someone, this is the herd mentality, everyone, excusable.

third depressed vent does not exclude people eager for, do the station temporarily failed, blow, just in such a disordered speech platform, are also involved, which is understandable.

Since most of them are called

off gas, without thinking meat! Why you too much to let it


Kant said: "angry is to take someone else’s mistake to punish yourself."

encouragement can make people progress, the same criticism can also make progress.

Han Xin was abusive, humiliation, and abuse when endeavour power, and eventually became a generation of famous.

whether it is criticism, or excessive abuse, how to look at the key in their own. Buddha said: "heaven and hell."

I think the most important thing is to take the negative things as a lesson, into positive thinking

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